Friday, October 12, 2007


I want to share with youthe many ways that we have been blessed. First of all when Kaidence was sick we did not know. We had no idea that she was going into heart failure. WE took Kaidence into the doctors because she had a very soft cry. To tell you the truth I felt like a crazy mom taking her in but I knew something was not right. The nurse thought she looked fine and immediatly when the doctor came into the room Kaidence started coughing uncontrably and her oxygen was dropping. We did a breathing treatment, but things were getting worse so the Docotr ordered that a chest x-ray from the hosptial that is conncected to the Dr.'s office. As I left the office to walk through the hospital, Kaidence stopped coughing. The Lord gave just enough distress to Kaidence to make the Doctor take a closer look.

That same time and day the power was out in the whole county and continued to be while I was a t the office. The power came back on and the hospital said that I was lucky the power did come on because they were running on a generator and that they would have had to have me come back another day to do the x-ray. I could see the x-ray and I knew something was wrong. Her heart was huge. They sent us to PCMC and they told us that Kaidence most likely would have passed away that weekend at home if we had not brought her in.

They told us that Kaidence most likely had damage done to her other organs because of the lack of blood traveling to them so they ran test after test and everything was fine. We were told that she would tire quickly and may not play as much because she has such little reserve. But when we took her home she played like all of my other children and was able to keep her energy up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OK! So we thought that it was about time to start a blog about Kaidence. We have so many people concerened for her and we want people to get updates as often as they want. I should have started this in July when everything started however, I have been so busy and to tell you the truth it is just too mentally overwhelming.

AS you know at 5 months of age Kaidence was originally diagnosed with Myocarditits (inflamation of the heart) which in turn caused Cardiomyopothy with sever left ventricular dialation. Basically her heart cannot pump hard enough to pump the blood through her body. It should pump at about 60% and after getting sick it has stayed about 15%. However, she is now only pumping out 5%. Kaidence got a stomach virus while on vacation and the doctors think that she caught the virus and it went straight to her heart.

Kaidence is a tough little girl. She has spent 35 days in the hospital. She has had probably about 30 IV's and 4 pick lines that deliver the medications to her heart. She has also had 4 blood transfusions to date. WE have been trying to buy Kaidence time to get better and keep her from needing a heart transplant but time is running out.