Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok, they once again canceled her cath. I want to just sit and cry (OK, I already have). They are too afraid to do her because she had H1N1. I understand the concern, but people you also have to go by the patients clinical status, not just a diagnosis of something that she had in the past. Kaidence has NO COUGH, NO RUNNY NOSE, NO FEVER...........NOTHING!!! SHE IS EVEN EATING! She has been well for a week now. I can't guarantee that she will be this healthy as the winter goes on. The ironic thing is that this would be the healthiest that Kaidence has EVER been for a heart cath. Cardiology even pleaded our case but the anesthesiologist said no way because she had the swine flu. I understand they are only trying to protect our children and I do appreciate that. It is just one of those black and white things without seeing any of the color in between. Next time we will request Chuck P as our anesthesiologist. So our date is being moved to December. I am really praying for no rejection so that we are not in the hospital again for Christmas or on strict house arrest Christmas Day.

Worse things have happened in life and my no means is this a huge deal. Just a big disappointment and a longer wait for the unknown. I am grateful that Kaidence IS so healthy. I just wish others would listen and know that I would NEVER even chance for a moment putting Kaidence in any danger.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The Swine Flu will hopefully not be seen at our home ever again. Kaidence is the only one that got the darn bug (knocking on wood of course). Monday was when it started, and quickly at that. Tuesday was another day full of vomiting, high fevers 103-104.7, shakes, coughing.....all the good stuff. Tuesday night was.....LOOOOOOONG to say the least. That was a rough night for her and seems to be when everything really peeked. Wednesday the vomiting decreased greatly and so did the fevers. When she got them they were still high, but she only had two that day (compared to non-stop the days before) and they were manageable with Tylenol for once. All of these days she just layed and cried, while pointing to her little forehead. It hurt. We returned to the Pediatrician's office Wednesday to check her lungs for pneumonia and they were very pleased with how well she had done. Everything sounded great. Wednesday afternoon was her last fever and she has not had one since. It took a couple of days past that to get over the headache and work her feeds back up to full, but we are getting there. Just as quickly as the illness came on, it left. But it sure did a good job of wiping her out. However, Kaidence is dancing all over the house today & asking for candy. This little thing is always dancing through the house. I am amazed that she did so well. I almost cried when the doctor told me she had H1N1. I think that getting the Tamiflu in her system so quickly after the fevers started played a huge part in that, even though it made her stomach sicker. Thank You for all you prayers, we know that plays the biggest role of all.

Hopefully we can all stay well and my cute little stinker boys will keep healthy. We still need the second doses of the H1N1 vaccine for all the kids, maybe next week if her cath goes well. Her cath has been rescheduled sooner than we thought possible, because of how quickly she got over her illness. It is for this Thursday morning. Wish us luck and please keep Kaidence in your prayers next Thursday!