Thursday, May 1, 2008


So today was Cardiology and actually it was a good appointment. Kaidence is doing well. Her white count is up again, this time on her own and so we increased her cellcept dose. They also took her off the Nystatin (yeah!)

AND..............they told us that we could start taking Kaidence out. We did not expect to hear this for at least another 1 1/2 months. They feel that Kaidence is doing well. We are so excited and terrified as well. We still have to be smart about it and stay away from a lot of little kids and anybody that is sick. So if your are sick please let us know so that we can stay away until you are better. That would help us out alot and help us feel more comfortable as we do start taking Kaidence out and about. We can't sit and pass Kaidence around which will be hard because a lot of people will want to hold her, but I guess they'll just have to love her from a distance. I hope they will be understanding. To celebrate our exciting news we went out to eat as a family. The last time we went out to eat as a family (not counting the hospitals "Rainbow Cafe") was July in McCall. It was so much fun. My parents, Shalyse and her family all went to Chili's. Mike's parents were in Provo visiting his grandma that is having some health problems or else I am sure they would have come with. It was scary taking her out into the world knowing that she is immunosuppressed but it felt so nice to do something normal. I bought a portable fold up high chair to keep in the car so we don't have to use the public restraunt high chairs and let's just say that I Lysoled the heck out of the table at Chili's tonight. We are so grateful that we are at this point. We know that we always have the chance of rejection and starting house arrest all over again, but right now we are embracing the moment. We have been on house/hospital arrest since last July. We will SLOWLY introduce her back into the world of germs and hopefully she won't get sick. It scares me because there are some immunizations that Kaidence can't get because it is a live virus, like the chicken pox vaccine and some others. We will hope and pray that Kaidence can live a normal, happy life and be able to do it without getting sick all of the time. Colds to you and I may not mean anything and so we would still go places and continue on with life but if kaidence caught that same cold, it may cause many problems for her. Kaidence loved her outing and she also LOVED her lemon(notice pictures to the right). She sat and chewed on two lemons all night. I took one of them away and Kaidence defiantly did not approve. Earlier today she also ate a little baby food (way to go!). We are so grateful for this day.

I have been thinking the last week about how so many of you have blessed our lives through your kindness. Thank You for your love and prayers. You helped us make our last year easier and many of you made our Christmas the most memorable ever.

Sorry this post is so unorganized and jumps around but I have a terrible headache and can't think but was too excited. I had to share our big news.


Sorry that I have not update lately, it was a busy week. KSL came to our home to film Kaidence's story for the American Heart Association and for Primary Childrens Medical Miracle Network telethon. Needless to say I had some house work to do. I am also trying to organize all of our files for Kaidence and everything else in the house. McCaden went on is field trip to the farm at Thanksgiving Point and he rode on a school bus for the first time. I was sad that I wasn't able to experience that with him for the first time. So I made him a special lunch and sent my love that way. I am hopefully going with him in the 20th to the Zoo. Camden went with his Nanna and Pappa to ride the Trax Train. Any of you that know Camden knows that he LOVES ANYTHING train related. I packed him some goodies and sent him on his way. He said the train had two conductors and he also got to use the new train potty. ALSO, we found Kaidence's blessing pictures. I was so afraid that we had erased them somehow.

Happy Birthday Little Ian. We miss you!!!!