Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, let's just say that this week has been ummm......CRAZY! Despite all of my efforts to make my baby better she still continues to puke and poop. She is quickly loosing all of the weight that we worked so hard to gain and she is now refusing to eat a t all. She goes in and out of looking ok and then looking terrible. We are being readmitted to the hospital and currently sitting in the ER and Mike is home with the boys. Am I allowed to SCREAM!!!!! I feel stressed with everything in life at the moment and have been really trying hard to get our house cleaned up (currently it is a disaster..seriously). We have been trying to figure out why our house is so dusty and we are not talking your typical dust, it's pretty much black. AS Mike was adding a new vent (because for some reason we have a vent heating and cooling the garage) we learned that apparently all of the ducting has not been sealed and that may be the source. Also when we moved in I found that when the previous owners had the bathroom remodelled that they threw all of the tile grout down the heater duct. Anyhow we have been changing the vents every other week for about a half of a year and let's just say it is always filthy and thick. We are having the ducts and furnace, AC coil cleaned this week with the negative pressure cleaning system and were told that it would be best to have all walls and everything wiped down and cleaned so that when the furnace was cleaned it would not cycle through again. My mom and I spent the day tackling the kitchen and I still have a whole house ahead of me. Keep in mind it was already a mess because Kaidence has been sick for a week. So you can't even walk down the halls and I literally had NO clean clothes to pack for the hospital for myself or Kaidence. I called my sis on the way and she let me borrow some PJ's. However, when I got to the hospital My bag was soaking wet and sticky. I soon learned that my bran new bottle of hairspray didn't have a drop in it so my very few articles of clean clothing are clean no more. Thanks for letting me vent and sorry that it was such a long post. Although we know how blessed we are I think it is normal for us to get frusterated. Yes, this is frustrating. Yes, I hate Kaidence being readmitted. Yes, I hate having her look at me and not understand why I am letting all of these strangers hurt her. It breaks my heart every time. I just have to remember how far we have come and remember that it could always be worse. Thank You for your prayers. Please pray for my little boys that followed their mommy out to the car tonight begging her not to go back to the hospital. Have a Happy Holiday weekend and let's hope that they can figure out what keeps making her so sick! Thanks for all you do.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, I only have a minute. Sorry that I have not updated but our Internet was not working. Kaidence came home from the hospital later Tuesday afternoon. Her liver labs started looking better and the vomiting had stopped (until we got in the car to come home). We think that it must be another virus. She is having some skipped beats with her heart and so we brought her home on a heart monitor for 24 hours. We should get the results back early next week, we are keeping our fingers crossed. They finally understand me when I say that her C-PAP mask is not working with her. The hospital tried on every mask that they have and could not find one that worked for Kaidence. The Pulmonary Doc is seeing if he can get "special permission to send her home on High flow Oxygen." Home health says they only send people home on it if they are having Hospice care, so we will see what happens. I think I hope it works out. She would tolerate it better than c-pap.
Kaidence is doing ok. She has the fast poopies but has stopped throwing up. Her appetite is not that great so I will be tube feeding tonight for sure. She had a check up today at her peds office and all looked well. Oh ya, she also ate her first crayon tonight. We were given a gift card to go out to eat and eat so she decided to bite off a piece of the red crayon and then throw it up in the restaurant in front of everyone. Good times!
Thank you for all of your prayers, we love you all!
P.S. I retract make earlier statement about no longer throwing up. It has started just up again as I am blogging this. I love cleaing up throw up and I am getting pretty darn good at it!!!!! Gotta go and clean up!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Kaidence is making another over night trip to PCMC. She has been throwing up since Saturday and has had some different heart beats. She has also started to get a fever. I took her to clinic this morning and her lab results showed some concern with her Liver so we will be having some different test run and we will see what happens. Please keep her in your prayers, she has already been through so much, I hate to see her have to go through more. I will be at the hospital trying to read book two of "twilight" I have some catching up to do.

Also, today was a big day for McCaden. He started 1 st grade. I love ya bud!!!