Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I thought that it was about time that I posted again. Life has been busy with .....well, just life. This picture makes me laugh. It is one that I hade from the Childrens Miracle Network. This laptop doesnt have any pictures loaded on it besides this one. Doesn't "M" looks so grumpy? The family is doing well. Mike is still in a brace and has been so anxious to get back to work. It was fun having him home while it lasted but I got NOTHING done but it was nice having him around. The boys are so excited for Santa to come. "C" keeps coming up with these weird imagination things that he wants for Christmas and when I tell him that maybe Santa's workshop doesn't have such a thing he reassures me that Santa is magic and can make anything. Let's hope!

Thanksgiving was wonderful being home. We stayed home because Kaidence was still on the extra meds from the rejection. It was nice to have a quiet and calm Thanksgiving. We have been so blessed and have so much to give thanks for. Kaidence of course ate nothing of the wonderful meal, but she sat next to us in her high chair. And then the next day I braved the crowds with my mom, sister and her husband. Some people take it much to serious, but they always guarantee you a good laugh. I must add how fun it was shopping for the kids this year. Last year I refused to buy Kaidence anything that she could not use at the moment while lying in her hospital bed. I was so afraid of having it around my house as a reminder if something did happen to her. And the boys, well lets just say I grew up with all sister and so the boy thing takes a little more imagination for me but I think I did a pretty good job this year. Oh how I love my cute kids. They keep me laughing.....however, sometimes I have a "mommy moment" and it takes me a day before I can laugh about it. I am so grateful for every moment that I have my kids. We never know when that moment could be the last.

Kaidence is into everything! She loves to wear my shoes around, eat her Lip Smacker chap stick and tear all of the Kitchen towels out of the drawer. She is all girl, you should see how proud she is when you put her chap stick on her lips. I need to get her some of those dress up shoes. She is also in the phase of taking off her diaper while "napping" and going potty (1&2) in her bed....yeah for me! I thought I was maybe going to get one child that did not find fascination with that. She had Cardiology last week and was given the ok to go off the extra "rejection meds" ....very exciting. She has ear infections currently but with a high pain tolerance seems to be doing ok. She loves the Alfredo pasta from Costco we discovered with thanks to Amy and we figure it should be fattening enough. She has lost weight and so we are once again having to count every drop that child consumes and count the calories. She is now getting 3-4 feeds consisting of Pediasure, milk and a packet of Duocal bringing a 10 oz feed to 325 calories. My thought is eating that much, who would be hungry?????

We have been given the ok by one doctor to go out and enjoy some of the festivities this year as long as the crowds aren't huge. I can take kaidence to the store or mall every now and then and possibly to sacrament meeting only. We would really love to at least get to sacrament meeting as a family and so I think we will try sitting in the "cry room" that our building has since it really isn't used as a "cry room." It was that or sit in the hall, but I think that the boys would not do well "listening" to sacrament meeting out in the hall and it does make it hard to feel the spirit. We will try this and see how it goes and hopefully we can keep her healthy while still living somewhat normal. If you do happen to see us out and about please stay away if you are not feeling well. The doctor said that it is the hands on contact with Kaidence that has the highest chance of spreading germs and making her sick. We love seeing and talking with you all. We may even go to our ward party this weekend. Kaidence has never seen Santa and maybe if we can make it to the front of the line she can sit on his lap before all of the other kids do. I remember how incomplete it felt last year taking the boys to the party without her.

How wonderful it has been this year to spend the Holidays at our house with ALL of our family. I love this time of year. I am so grateful to our donor family for what they gave to our family, Kaidence's "Angel Heart." I am amazed at how far that we have come and give thanks everyday to my Father in Heaven for the miracles, guidance and blessings that he has given to our family and I also give thanks to all of you for your part in our family's "Journey of Faith."