Saturday, April 5, 2008


Gracie's parents have not posted yet, but Gracie's Aunt and Grandma have. GRACIE MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! This is huge, considering she couldn't even last minutes off ECMO earlier this week.

6 months ago, last conference saturday Kaidence was admitted once again to PCMC. We watched our saturday morning conference from the ER and later from kaidence's PICU bedside. Little did we know at that time that Kaidence would be so close to dying within a week and that we would face that fear for weeks at a time, multiple times. We also never thought that it would take an experimental heart pump and then a transplant to get her home again. Kaidence didn't get to go home until 1/10/2008, but she did come home, That conference touched my heart as it seemed the speakers and the spirit spoke directly to me. As though it was preparing me for the trials that I never thought would lie ahead for my Kaidence, my family and our ward family. I did not know then what was about to happen to our life's. I pray that your hearts may be touched like mine was and give you the strength and faith that you will need in the days and years to come.

With Hope, Faith and Love,

Friday, April 4, 2008


Anchorage resident Carson Wallace Henrie, 2, died March 30, 2008, at his home surrounded by family.A memorial service will be at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Strawberry Chapel, 3250 Strawberry Road. A slide show will be afterward.Carson was born March 3, 2006, in Anchorage to Dr. Clinton C. and Heidi (McAllister) Henrie. He has an older sister, Hanna, 4, and a younger brother, Jaxon, 3 weeks. At 16 months, Carson was diagnosed with a brain tumor and flown to Primary Children's Medical Center. As he fought through the treatments, he touched the lives of all who knew him. Carson displayed amazing courage and had an enormous will to live.His family writes: "Carson taught us what is truly important in life and to appreciate the little things. By example, he taught us about patience, endurance, faith and love. He taught us to smile when life is hard and to fight back even harder. He taught us to have hope, don't give up and to continue believing in miracles. We've learned the preciousness of every second we have with our children. Though we will miss Carson terribly, we will be forever grateful we had the chance to know and love him. Carson has changed our lives and will remain in out hearts forever."In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a cancer fund in Carson's name. Donations may also be made to the Carson Henrie Medical Donation fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Funds will be given to a family in need in a similar situation. The family wishes to thank all the wonderful nurses, doctors, family members and friends who cared for and loved Carson.Carson is also survived by his grandparents, Bob and Gloria Dickinson, Dave and Linda McCallister, and Sherril Henrie; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.He was preceded in death by his beloved grandfather, Wallace Keith Henrie.Carson will be laid to rest at Panguitch Cemetery in Panguitch, Utah.Local arrangements are with Witzleben Legacy Funeral Home & Crematory.Published in the Anchorage Daily News on 4/2/2008.

-We are so grateful for the opportunity that we had to be roommates and friends with Carson and his family. Carson and his family were the first friends we met at the hospital back in July. Little did we know that both Kiddos would be there for such a long time. He had my heart from the very beginning. He loved his little teddy bear, I remember one night when I was there with Kaidence, going over and tucking him in during the middle of the night and tucking his little teddy bear under his arm. I hoped his mom wouldn't mind. Heidi and family, thank you for your love and support with Kaidence. I am grateful for your friendship and example of faith. Whenever I would tire, I looked to you and little Carson. Carson was so faithful and he knew his Heavenly Fathers plan for him. We love you Carson, We will all miss you, especially little Kaidence!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008


This picture of Kaidnece and Kirby made me laugh. I walked in and Kirby had layed next to Kaidnece and fallen asleep. We had Cardiology today. Kaidence's WBC was down slightly but still high. The Cardiologist talked with the hemo. doctor about her blood and he felt that things may still be high from the shots and her cold that she has. Her blood cultures all came back negative so that is great news. He doesn't seemed worried at this point, so I won't either. We need Kaidence to get over the cold that she has so that we can continue with the procedure and heart biopsy that is being done next week. It has already been cancelled once from her having a low ANC I just want to get it over with. They will fix her left pulmonary artery (LPA) that has been crushed and also take biopsy pieces of her heart and check for an signs of rejection. We hope that everything will look good. Kaidence had her first physical therapy with Early Intervention on Tuesday. Hopefully we can work on a couple of things and she will just take off. She did very well, not to pleased about the whole thing though. One problem she has is feeling confident. Because she was such a sick baby (and hooked to a heart pump) Kaidence never got the normal "throw your baby in the air and spin them around" fun. Because of this she gets very nervous and feels insecure if she feels a little unsteady or too free. Her appetite is still not that great. However, she does love to chew on pickles. Hopefully things will pick up when she starts feeling better.

Camden has been sick as well and I think that this is where Kaidence's all stemmed from. Yikes, I might have to keep everyone home from school and church to keep them from always getting sick. We really don't go anywhere else and so I think those two places are the GDC (Germ Distribution Centers.) OK, I guess we had better keep sending them (when healthy, which hasn't seemed often lately). He has had a very mucous like cough, vomiting and ear drainage. Hasn't been the happiest thing either, but I can't say that I blame him.

McCaden is doing well. He was listening to his primary cd's the other night at bed time and about an hour later came out of his room crying. I asked what was wrong and he said "I just love Heavenly Father and Jesus so much. They are so good to everyone." I am glad that my little 6 year old can have those moments that will touch his heart and prepare him to gain his own testimony. Also, he has decided that he wants to live with us forever. I told him that I would love that. I told him that maybe he should live really close to us when he has a family. Sorry Ostler's, but McCaden decided that he is buying your house when he gets big and digging a secret tunnel with a punch code combination over to my house. He discusses the plans with me every night.

Mike and I are doing well. Mike has been very busy with work and school and I have been doing the same old, playing nurse and mommy to my kiddos that I love!

Please keep praying for Gracie!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Gracie and her family have a tough day ahead of them and my heart breaks for them. It hits too close to home and I struggle as I watch what these families are going through. This is the same scenario that they planned for us to be in with Kaidence when they talked about placing her on ECMO and taking her off if she had not recovered in a week. The peace of mind that comes from it is knowing that as a parent you did all you could to save your child but that it is now out of your hands. They will trial Gracie off of the ECMO today around 2pm. If she does not hold her own they will then let her pass away and return to the welcoming arms of her Father in Heaven. Sometimes it takes these sweet and innocent little ones to teach and remind us grown ups of life, its TRUE purpose and what should truly be important to us. Family, Friends and Faith in Christ. Please pray for Gracie and her family. I thank our Father in Heaven many times a day for my miracle - Kaidence.

Monday, March 31, 2008


You all know that Kaidence's wants to give the docs a run for their money (and trust me they should be doing A LOT of running.) Today was Cardiology, her heart looks great. It is just the white count. However, today we have the extreme opposite problem. Kaidence's white count including her ANC is much TOO HIGH. This of course is cause for concern. They are not sure how much is the shots(last one given Thursday) and how much is a sign that she may have an infection brewing. So her total white count was around 24-25 (24,000-25,0000.) Normal ( for a person not immunosuppressed should be about 15 (15,000). Now her ANC count. Her ANC was 12 (12,000) and for a normal person should be 5-6 (5,000-6,000). They took blood cultures to check for bacteria infections because she is making a bunch of ANC Bands (Baby ANC) which makes them think that the mature ones are off fighting something in her body (hopefully not her heart.) It's not good having a kid with suppressed white count to protect her heart have so many WBC. I know that she is starting to get a cold and that could add to things, but most likely not that much. We are all starting to feel a little under the weather here and Kaidence has started getting a cough. Last night I thought croup was starting to come on but we will see how tonight goes. Anyhow we are all hanging in and we will wait and see what the blood cultures bring.

Please continue your prayers for sweet little Gracie. Her family is amazing!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Family and friends. We wanted to let you know that things with Baby Gracie are not going well. They have decisions took make that no parent ever wants to think about. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. Hold your little ones, for I know that they wish they could hold Baby Gracie. These situations make things harder because often these heart babies are too fragile to hold until they get better or the time comes that you decide to let them go.
Baby Gracie is another reminder to us all of the love that Heavenly Father has for us. I know that Gracie has absolute peace and comfort about what lies ahead and I know that the Lord will bless her family as well.