Thursday, April 3, 2008


This picture of Kaidnece and Kirby made me laugh. I walked in and Kirby had layed next to Kaidnece and fallen asleep. We had Cardiology today. Kaidence's WBC was down slightly but still high. The Cardiologist talked with the hemo. doctor about her blood and he felt that things may still be high from the shots and her cold that she has. Her blood cultures all came back negative so that is great news. He doesn't seemed worried at this point, so I won't either. We need Kaidence to get over the cold that she has so that we can continue with the procedure and heart biopsy that is being done next week. It has already been cancelled once from her having a low ANC I just want to get it over with. They will fix her left pulmonary artery (LPA) that has been crushed and also take biopsy pieces of her heart and check for an signs of rejection. We hope that everything will look good. Kaidence had her first physical therapy with Early Intervention on Tuesday. Hopefully we can work on a couple of things and she will just take off. She did very well, not to pleased about the whole thing though. One problem she has is feeling confident. Because she was such a sick baby (and hooked to a heart pump) Kaidence never got the normal "throw your baby in the air and spin them around" fun. Because of this she gets very nervous and feels insecure if she feels a little unsteady or too free. Her appetite is still not that great. However, she does love to chew on pickles. Hopefully things will pick up when she starts feeling better.

Camden has been sick as well and I think that this is where Kaidence's all stemmed from. Yikes, I might have to keep everyone home from school and church to keep them from always getting sick. We really don't go anywhere else and so I think those two places are the GDC (Germ Distribution Centers.) OK, I guess we had better keep sending them (when healthy, which hasn't seemed often lately). He has had a very mucous like cough, vomiting and ear drainage. Hasn't been the happiest thing either, but I can't say that I blame him.

McCaden is doing well. He was listening to his primary cd's the other night at bed time and about an hour later came out of his room crying. I asked what was wrong and he said "I just love Heavenly Father and Jesus so much. They are so good to everyone." I am glad that my little 6 year old can have those moments that will touch his heart and prepare him to gain his own testimony. Also, he has decided that he wants to live with us forever. I told him that I would love that. I told him that maybe he should live really close to us when he has a family. Sorry Ostler's, but McCaden decided that he is buying your house when he gets big and digging a secret tunnel with a punch code combination over to my house. He discusses the plans with me every night.

Mike and I are doing well. Mike has been very busy with work and school and I have been doing the same old, playing nurse and mommy to my kiddos that I love!

Please keep praying for Gracie!


Kinder family said...

I love that picture Kaidence is getting so big, and she is so cute, but all your kids are adorable. I hope Camden feels better soon.

Denita Skousen said...

I love the picture with the dog. It is priceless. I am glad things are at least looking more positive right now. I hope everyone is feeling better by June so we can vistit when we come down to Salt Lake. I think Camdens Idea is wonderful don't kids have the greatest imaginations. Let me know when you get the DVD'S Thanks

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is more comfortable Kaidence or Kirby. What a cute picture. What a sweet thing for McCaden. He is very in tune with the spirit at his age. I love to hear his creative stories. I hope that Camden feels better soon and that you can get this procedure done on Kaidence.
Love to you all, Aunt Deb

Becky Wertz said...

She looks so content and I love the dog!!
Hope you all get feeling better. Please let us know if you need anything!


Em said...

Oh, that is so sweet. Camden already had such a beautiful testimony. That must be hard for Kaidence. It is such a different experience to never have had the typical baby experiences that most babies have. She has been through so much, and I think you forget that something like that, that really seems so unimportant, can have such an impact on our development. I have a feeling though that she is really going to do well with the early intervention. Thanks for the update. We miss you guys and pray all continues to go well!
Hugs and love,
Emily and Mike

The Simmons Family said...

I thought I'd introduce myself as i read your blog all the time and have for a while. Kaidence is so very sweet and I am so happy that she is doing so well. Everyday is a rollercoaster ride with our little heart munchkins and when they do well, it's like a little adrenaline rush!!

We have little Owen, HLHS, and he's 2 mo and getting ready for the next operation in May. It took us 8 years to concieve him and Heavenly Father sure was preparing us for him. What a little angel bug he is. We couldn't feel more blessed!

Hope your other munchkins feel better soon! And we call church "the spiritual germ pit".

Sam Anderson said...

I cant believe how well Kaidence looks!! Thanks for sharing updates with us. I love to read your posts. You were such a blessing to my family when we first arived at PCMC for that thank you.

Melynda and Mariska Anderson