Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OUR BABY IS...............

A ............SURPRISE!!!! I guess that you will just have to wait and see as well. McCaden was the only one we tried finding out with. Camden was pretty dang obvious and Kaidence we left as a surprise and she has been full of them ever since. We are just hoping this one will be a surprise only in the beginning.

I was nervous as today approached. They took some extra good looks at the heart. So far everything with her looks good (knocking on wood). The baby is a great size for where it should be and my progesterone shots so far seem to be doing their job and keeping preterm labor away. My migraines have finally tapered off, that is a blessing in itself.....I can function again!!! We go for our fetal echo on the 11th of this month, I know that I will be nervous all over again. Kaidence's cardiologist said that sometimes cardiomyopathy can be diagnosed on ultrasound and other times it doesn't show up for awhile or even years. However, we are all still banking on the fact that she only became ill because of the stomach virus. We are just playing it safe.

Better go. We still have much cleaning up to do. Our basement flooded this weekend. Who would have thought that 2 hours of having the toilet tank filling over would cause so much of a mess and make it into so many different rooms. Kinda sad, I had to throw away a lot of pictures from high school and other things. I guess that flooding is one quick way to dejunk!