Friday, March 28, 2008


Cardiology went well yesterday. Her echo looked great, despite the fact that she threw up all over the place during it. Kaidence's s ANC was up to 1 (1,000) with the help of the Neupogen shots that Mike has been giving to her every night. The doctors are pleased. Last night was the last shot he had to give and they will let her go on her own this weekend. We will see what happens next week. I am not a fan of the waiting game. Kaidence's cath and procedure on her LPA are coming up as well. We were able to finaly meet little Noah. He is another transplant kiddo. I loved talking with his mom. It makes you feel like you are not alone as you take this new road in life. He is such a cutie. His blog is linked to mine off to the left side of the page.

Please remember to pray for Baby Gracie!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am once again asking for you to pray for another heart baby. Little Baby Gracie. I have been following the blog that her parents started for her during the pregnancy after being diagnosed with HLS. She has been born, had her first surgery and run into some complications. Please pray for this sweet little one. I have added her link to my blog. The feelings are too close to home and I know that the peace that can be given to them through the prayers and fasting of others.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Early Intervention came out to the house this afternoon and will start working with Kaidence next week. We need to teach her sign language to help with her speech. They said this will help with the fact that she does not talk and will help her start to verbalize things more. They told me that the "Signing Time" DVD's were great to use to help teach Mike and I as well as Kaidence. The problem is that the DVD's are tooooooo expensive for us to buy. Does anyone out there happen to have a few that we can borrow while we learn to sign? If so we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!!!


We spent the day yesterday in Cardiology, 8:00-6:30. Kaidence's ANC is back down to .1. We were waiting approval for Kaidence's Neupogen shots that we now have to give her once a day. If her counts aren't up on Thursday bone marrow will supposedly be done. Other than that, she looks great. Early Intervention is coming today to work with her on her physical therapy stuff.