Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We have been insanely busy the last two weeks. We went to the cabin 2 weeks ago and had a great, relaxing time ( I will post more later) and we are still de-junking our house. We have also been doing some stuff for the National Children's Miracle Network. This post will be quick because we have an appointment today to place the button to Kaidence's g-tube. We were originally going to put her under for it but I hate to have her intubated again for such a quick thing. Kaidence has been doing AWESOME and she looks great. I think that she just may skip the whole crawling ordeal and just start walking. Her last appointment on Thursday went well and we don't have to go back to Cardiology for a whole month. I have NEVER stayed away that long in over a year. We of course will be back for other appointments like another sleep study with her c-pap, but just to know that her heart is doing so well that they feel we can space things out a little more is wonderful. Every time I walk through the hospital doors I count my blessings when I get to leave that same day through them as well.

I never cease to be amazed as to the kindness that comes our families way. To whomever dropped off the two boxes at our home last evening, we sincerely Thank You. I was shocked and overwhelmed at what you left on our porch. It was exactly what we needed and at the timing was perfect. We are so grateful for it and we promise to pay it forward as soon as we can. We know that "where much is given, much is required" and our family has been given so much and we know that we have much that we need to do in return. We will forever be repaying all of the kindness that has been poured upon our little family.