Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello all,
Just wanted to let you know of a fundraiser that is happening for one of our little friends. Daxton is currently waiting for his miracle to happen, a heart transplant. The cook family is from Bountiful as well. Some friends of theirs have set up a huge Yard Sale for tomorrow. They are hoping to earn money to put towards Daxton's medical bills. If you have anything that you would like to donate to the yard sale please have it at the Winegars parking lot in Bountiful tomorrow morning between 6:00-7:30 AM. If you would like to shop the sale you can do so from 8:00 am -2:00 PM tomorrow (Saturday). Also, a fund has been set up at the Mountain America Credit Union titled “Baby Daxton Heart Fund.” For more information about this or any of the other fund-raising events, please call 510-0117 or 688-3636. Thanks, we live in a wonderful community!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So like I have said, the last few weeks have been a little bitter sweet to reminisce as to the fact that last year at the time we had 3 healthy children not knowing that things would change extremely. I often try to remember how easy and worry free life was then compared to our life now, even though I am so grateful for the life we do have. So this week on Sunday, July 27th will be our 1 year anniversary since our lives changed forever. I have so many mixed emotions. It seems so long ago since it all happened. In fact last year at this time we were on our family McCall, Id vacation where it all begin. We were all were SO SICK! I wanted to do something special to mark the anniversary and to celebrate how far we have come. Any fun ideas of how to celebrate (keep in mind it is Sunday)? If I was rich I would love to invite everyone over for a big picnic celebration and invite all our family, friends, ward family, nurses and doctors so that we could personally Thank You all. That of course won't be happening but do know that you all would have defiantly been invited and that we are so thankful for what you have done for us. We are so grateful for all that we have learned this last year and for how our lives have been touched for the better....forever!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Happy, Happy Birthday McCaden. Happy 7Th Birthday. WE love you so much and are so very proud of the boy you are. McCaden you are kind, giving and almost always happy and of course, full of A LOT of ENERGY. Thanks for being such a wonderful big brother and Thank You for teaching your mom and dad about the pure faith of a child. You were our strength often when Kaidence was sick and you helped remind us that we just needed to be faithful and believe in the promises that Kaidence was given. You have had a long tough year with everything that has gone on since sis got sick but you were always loving, prayful and understanding when I couldn't be there for you. We love you and look forward to having a fun day with just you and your brother. Love You Always and Forever!!!