Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, BYU had a good game today. We are hoping that the good luck will continue for us today. And for those of you that are U fans, good game and I sincerely mean that.

Kaidence continues to be very swollen. She wants to sleep all day long. She woke up and played some with the bells that my Aunt Deb bought her yesterday. She seems to really like them. Her WBC was down to 18 and her CRP down as well, so we are happy about that. They seem to be concerned about her sleepiness, but I think that she is so sick and I also think that she is depressed. She can't be held, she can't turn her head with that stupid tube in. Sometimes I think that it makes things worse in stead of better. She acts blah, but if you can convince her to wake up and play she seems to enjoy it. They are talking about taking out the taking out the tube tomorrow. I hope that they will. I think that it will help Kaidence's spirit a great deal.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving! Mike, myself and the boys have had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. We woke up and drove to the hospital to see baby sis on our way to Coalville. It was wonderful to see all of our family and it was fun to spend family time with the boys. They had fun taking the 4 wheelers over to the "farm" to see all of Aunt Karen and Uncle ken's animals and of course the big tractor. Dinner was wonderful as always. Mike and the boys are going up to Ogden to spend the night with all of the cousins. I have stopped by the hospital to spend some time with Kaidence tonight.

Kaidence is very swollen tonight and I hope that they can get that under control soon before we are dealing with wet lungs on top of everything else. She has had a fever again today. Her white blood count only dropped from 22.1 to 21.6 and the CRP 7.2 to 7.1. I think I was hoping for a bigger jump like we had the last few days. The other cannula site is starting to look more infected and I think they will clean that out as well tomorrow. I am praying that we can get this infection cleared fast and that nothing else is affected by it. We can't re-list Kaidence until her wounds are healed which could be a couple of weeks. Not sure though because I have not spoken with Doctor Everritt for a couple of days and we are not totally sure what her thoughts are. We had hoped to speak with her before Thanksgiving so we could at least know what the plan was and what we were looking at so that we didn't have to wonder and worry all weekend. The little glimmer of hope that we could possibly all be home together for Christmas is gone so we will find a way to make due.

We have so much to be grateful for and I could probably write a whole blog on this topic. However, we are so Thankful for the wonderful support of all of you. We honestly could not due it without all that you do. Thank You for following the blog and caring for us. We are grateful to the many nurses and doctors that take so much time caring for Kaidence. We know that they honestly do the best they can and that they want what is best for our little one. Of course, we are so grateful for the gospel and the unconditional love of our Father In Heaven. I have seen more families here turn back to the gospel after their kids have become ill than one would ever imagine. Trials can teach us so much, but only if we let them.

Happy Thanksgiving and we love you all. Savor this time of year and hold your loved ones close. Spend more meaningful time with your family then ever before and get back to basics. In the BIG picture it is all that matters.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well Kaidence's infection site is worse than I think we all originally thought. The surgeon and the team came in this afternoon and cleaned out everything. This is not good for Kaidence and she is in a very serious situation according to the surgeon. We knew that infection would be a possibility but that it was also the one thing that would be most dangerous for her.The good thing is that the doctors started her on antibiotics days ago when her WBC started to rise. I think that has slown down the infection so we are hoping that it is not in her blood or traveling up the cannula and into the heart. Her WBC was actually down from this morning as well as her CRP. She is on several heavy duty antibiotics and they will fight the infection with everything that they can. She will have the infection site scrubbed with antibiotics daily. This is very painful for Kaidence so they intibated her again so they can give her heavy sedation for the cleaning everyday. That means she can no longer cry and that I can no longer hold her.

Once again, Please pray for little Kaidence!!!!


Today Kaidence still looks pretty darn tired. She woke up a little and played. I even got her to smile a lot. I have rocked her most of the afternoon and she seems to rest well. Her white blood cells continue to be elevated and we worry about that (I have to always have something to worry about). The site where one of her cannula's enters her skin looks not so great. The surgeon will take her in and clean it all out and get rid of any infected skin if there is any. The team that does the dressing changes does a great job and I know that they are always very careful to keep things very sterile for Kaidence. The surgeon will take any dead skin from the site and see if anything grows out from it. She is on a lot of antibiotics so we will see if things start to get better.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Sorry that I haven't posted in a little while. I have been sick with a nasty sinus infection and croupy cough. I think I got it from my beautiful boys. I slept about 24 hours strait and am on some antibiotics. I feel so much better than I did 24 hours ago. Thank You to those that have brought food to our family. I know that it is a sacrifice and that you have been taking care of our family for a very long time. We hope that you know how grateful we are and how helpful it is for our family. We have a wonderful ward family and we are so thankful to have you in our lives. Your support is amazing.

Kaidednce looks very tired today. She has pretty much played non stop since she was extubated the other day and I think it has finally caught up to her. Yesterday she had a fever and her white count was up as well as her CRP. All cultures are once again negative so they ordered a CT scan of her brain, chest, and abdomen. Everything looks ok on that. I haven't held Kaidence for a few days because I don't want to get her sick and I think that she really needs to get some good sleep. I might have to turn off the Christmas lights earlier. She stays awake just looking at them. Her Christmas music has a great effect on her blood pressure as well. My family is all going to dinner tonight to get caught up on all of our Birthday Dinners that have not been celebrated due to our busy life. We hope that all of you are doing well.