Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today Kaidence still looks pretty darn tired. She woke up a little and played. I even got her to smile a lot. I have rocked her most of the afternoon and she seems to rest well. Her white blood cells continue to be elevated and we worry about that (I have to always have something to worry about). The site where one of her cannula's enters her skin looks not so great. The surgeon will take her in and clean it all out and get rid of any infected skin if there is any. The team that does the dressing changes does a great job and I know that they are always very careful to keep things very sterile for Kaidence. The surgeon will take any dead skin from the site and see if anything grows out from it. She is on a lot of antibiotics so we will see if things start to get better.


Melissa said...

I hope that you are feeling better! Kaidence is such a trooper. She will be able to kick whatever bug she has. I'm glad that you are able to hold her and watch her play and smile. Even though she is still a very sick girl, it somehow helps to see them like that. I love that she loves her christmas music and decorations!
Melissa - Intermountain Healing Hearts