Monday, October 4, 2010

Life with a New Baby

(Blogger wont let me post pics)
OK, I have 35 minutes till conference starts again to post. Here we go..........
We brought Carden home from the hospital on Friday. He needed to spend some extra time at the hospital being watched because of his low blood sugars. He also had jaundice. I had to laugh a little because they sent in a social worker to speak with me about bringing him home on a Billibed to treat the jaundice. I assured her that I was not going to be traumatized by this and that I could handle it. A billibed was the least of my worries. All my boys have needed one.
Just made me chuckle.

Carden is such a tiny sweetheart. I cannot believe how small he is. His lower arm is as round as my thumb. He is still a great eater. We brought him home just a little over 5 pounds and I am sure that he is gaining. He still doesn’t fit in his newborn clothes. He has his days and nights a little confused. In fact from midnight to 4 AM he doesn’t think that sleep is needed. He doesn’t sit and cry, he just wants to be awake and nurse. He is extremely loved by his brothers and his sister. Kaidence loves to help change his diapers.

Life here keeps moving forward. Thursday Miss K had a cardiology appointment. All still looks the same for her. I have noticed that her heart rate has dropped these past 2 weeks and that makes me feel a little more confident. She was excited to show off he brother. Kaidence's cardiologist looked at Carden and said that she thought he should have an echo. My stomach sank, I was sick. Sometimes it’s easier to just not know. Ignorance is bliss at times. However, I knew that we should do it. Instead of making me wait for weeks and worry they did it that day. He slept through the whole thing and everything with this little guy’s heart looks great. How grateful I am. I cannot help but look at him in amazement. How the Lord knows what our hearts need. I guess McCaden was right. When Kaidence was sick, he prayed for the little brother that would be in mom’s tummy. At that moment in time, everything with K was falling apart. I was sure that Mike and I were DONE having kids. I could not take the chance of more heartbreak. We explained to McCaden that there was NOT a baby in my tummy. He said “I know, but there will be.....a baby boy". I guess that the Lord gave him a glimpse of what was to come. Just as it is with all of our children, we could not imagine our lives without Baby Carden.