Thursday, March 20, 2008


We have higher numbers today!!!!! I feel so relieved as I think you could all imagine as to why. Kaidence's ANC was up to .8(800) from .5 (500) on Monday. The good thing about these numbers are that they increased on their own, without the help of the shots. We were worried on Monday after lower numbers that the medication from the shot was wearing off and that her body was not stimulating reproduction on their own. Having numbers increase is a good sign that this is not caused from a type of cancer. If so the numbers would most likely not be able to increase on their own. I feel better now so I am going to go and clean my house....Maybe!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


OK, so the medicade thing may not be happening. I talked with SSI later today and they have somehow had Mikes income wrong since we originally applied. Not sure what is going on. They have his pay stubbs but then have his salary wrong in the computer. We need to have at least $1.00 from SSI so that we can continue the Medicade. They have sent us money already for her and I am afraid we will be asked to repay it all even though it was not our mistake. I am worried that we make over the allowed amount. I am hoping that Kaidence's medical disability will affect how they look at our income. We need this soooooo bad. I felt so relieved today after hearing from Medicade but that only lasted a few hours before we got the news from SSI. Oh well, It felt wonderful for the time it lasted. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow. I will start calling first thing in the morning.


Yeah!!!! Today the Medicade office called and said that they had good news for me. I didn't think that was possible. I had filed to have a "fair hearing" with a judge on Kaidence's case but no need. Somebody today called from the office to tell me that they had made a mistake and that we have now been approved for medicade for Kaidence and that it will go retro-active back to September and the "fair hearing" was cancelled. BIG BLESSING!!! What a HUGE relief to have some help with her bills and medication cost. We can now swim and not sink to the bottom. Hopefully we can get everything we need to taken care of.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Kaidence is doing well. She has started eating better and taking some of her formula by sippy cup. We will most likely keep her on high calorie formula for a while until she is eating regular food more consistently. We also finished a whole jar of baby food within a 24 hour time period. She really likes "vegetable chicken." She will now stand sometimes if you hold her under her arms. She is such a great baby. You would think that her schedule would be all messed up but it is not. We had a cardiology appt. today and her ANC is down to .5 from .8. I am a little frustrated because no one can give me real answers to my questions. I am tired of people telling me "don't worry about it until you have to." What parent in their right mind wouldn't worry about it? We are not sure if we will do the marrow testing yet or not. Thursday will tell us more. I am afraid that Kaidence's numbers were only that high (and not even very high) just because of the shot she was give. I am afraid that tomorrow it will be completely worn off and that her numbers will drop. OK. Maybe I am a little stressed. It is just the not knowing that makes me crazy. Please pray for our little Kaidence.

Well, it took me so long to post this next part because I was not allowed to post the news before the Bennions. Shalyse and Mike had a baby boy. Westin Michael weighed 7lbs 1 oz. 19.5 inches long. He is a cutie. I will try to get a picture posted.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!