Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing our New Little One.

Welcome to the world Carden DeMont. Weighing in at 5lbs 15oz and a length of 19in. He joined the ranks at 3:3oPM this afternoon. McCaden, Camden, and Kaidence are super excited to have a new baby brother. He has already brought the mother instinct out in our little Kaidence. She insisted everyone use "hanitizer" before touching her brother. Camden wants to hold Carden constantly, McCaden won't let him go, and Kaidence bosses everyone around. It's great.

Things were a little scary for a while. During a routine NST this morning for Shauntelle they found that her fluids were very low. Along with the low fluid the baby's heart rate was low. Low enough they admitted Shauntelle to the hospital and were talking C-Section. They determined that the cord was wrapped around our little ones neck. When Shauntelle would have a contraction it would constrict the cord causing his levels to drop. They watched things for a while then decided that it was safe enough to induce her and watch closely and have the C-Section ready to go if needed. About an hour after they broke Telle's water she went from a 6 to a 10 in under 10 minutes. 6 pushes later and we had our little boy. A crazy morning with tons of stress and now everything feels great. Our little bald Carden is such a sweet addition to our little family.
*Update 9/23/2010*
We are stuck at the hospital a little longer than we wanted. Carden has low blood sugars because he is so tiny. As of yesterday he was 5lbs 8 oz. Such a cute little stinker. He is also being treated for jaundice. He is a GREAT nurser (finally I have a kid that will do it). The docs are surprised at how well he does at eating for his size. So our main concern for him is to get those blood sugar levels up so that he stays out of the NICU. He is so fun to have around. He is very loved by his brothers, sister and parents. We feel so very blessed to have him in our family.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long Night

Thank You SO much for those that have fasted and prayed for Kaidence today. I had what I call a "Hospital Sunday." Those are Sundays when you feel extremely humbled and the spirit feels so strong..... Regardless of last night serious lack of sleep.

Kaidence's night last night was awful, to say the least. Her headache was severe, nausea and vomiting was literally every 5 minutes. We could night keep any pain reliever in her, within 2 minutes of giving it, it came back up from about 7pm -3 AM. Then the body aches kicked in.

Last night was spent catching throw up, trying to keep her from throwing up, 2 am store run, body aches, ice packs for her head, worry about fast heart rate, trying to find a magic way to run her feeds so she would keep them down, debating on a trip to the ER, sleeping on the floor and so on. The poor little girl would nicely ask each time for her throw up bowl. Around 2:30 Mike gave Kaidence a blessing while I held her in my arms. Before it was over, she was asleep. At that time we decided to give her 30 minutes to try to keep down feeds, if not we were heading to the ER. This is too much with her recent rejection episode. She didn't throw up the rest of the night.

Today she seemed to do ok. She laid around more then usual but seemed ok. Tonight she is getting a fever and her nausea seems to be making a come back. I hope that we can at least keep it in control tonight. She is tired and so are Mike and I.

Once again Thanks to everyone. Last night I found much peace as well knowing that today she was being fasted for. I will keep everyone posted and hopefully this will subside in the next day or two. Love to you all!