Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday and CICU status 1A

I am posting from my phone so this will not be a long post. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY McCADEN. Today my oldest turned 11 and I am not home. This makes me so sad:( My mom will come up to the hospital today so I can go home for his bday dinner of smoked brisket! Yesterday was K's cardio check up. It was decided then to admitt her to the CICU for Milrinone for worsening heart failure. This morning they attempted to place a long term way to give IV meds (picc line). The attempt failed and so we just sent her downstairs to have the pros do it. There is a good chance that she will now be in the hospital until a new heart comes our way. On a positive note she has been up to a status 1A. This puts her in the grouping of highest priority for a new heart Life is crazy but we are a little crazy ourselves I suppose. We are praying that another persons hearts will be touched in a way that our Miss K and her heart buddies can get new hearts very soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012 least for a few days, hoping for more!

We are home!!!  I must say that by the time we made it home late Saturday afternoon I was exhausted.  So it was decided that being in the hospital would not get us anywhere over the next couple of days because Dr. E wants to see Kaidence have a few days to get a little better from the pneumonia before she considers putting her on Milrinone.  So home we are....for now. She is on extra lasix as well as tube feeds:( We have clinic on Tuesday. If her symptoms still lean towards heart failure becoming worse she may be admitted to the CICU to start the Milrinone and then hopefully moved to the floor a day or so later. So we are home, hanging out and enjoying this time as much as we can...just in case!

Also it was discussed that if a heart offer became available that we would have to pass it up due to how bad her pneumonia was.  Her cardio wants to be sure her lungs have healed before she is thrown on bypass.  She would prefer waiting 2 weeks before a heart comes but may take one with only waiting a week if it seems to be the PERFECT match! If that happened K would be brought into the hospital for x-rays and labs to be sure she was healed enough.

So that is it!  I must say that telling Matthew that Miss K was leaving broke my heart.  When he found out he just put his face down in his blankets.....Made me so sad.  Then he asked if I could come sit by him for awhile.  He is such a cute stinker.  Those 2 kids had a great time together and Chrissy and I can race with a wagon and IV pole like no other.

I will let you know what happens this Tuesday my friends. Thank You for the kind words and many prayers.