Friday, September 26, 2008


Life has been busy but at least no longer passing us by. We are all over our colds for the most part. Camden and Kaidence still have a cough but most likely will for the winter. I took Kaidence into the doctors about 10 days ago and she had an ear infection and was given an antibiotic which in turn with the combination of the medication and the virus broke out in itchy hives. We have had them ever since and they will sometimes just flare up. Her G-tube site is also having a few issues and we have been working on that. She had a cardiology appointment on Thursday I am sad to say that after a week on antibiotics Kaidence still has an ear infection BUT she has gained weight.... finally. When I took her in for her ear infection the first time she weighed 21lbs 13oz. Thursday in cardiology she weighed 23lbs 5oz. I am so happy. The only bummer is that I have been getting ALL of her feeds through her G-tube and has not taken a sippy for over a week. We have also switched one of her immunosuppresion medications. Kaidence is no longer on Cyclosporin (the hairy medication) we are now on Prograf which has less side effects. We are happy about that and hope that we have good luck with the medication switch. We also have Kaidence's annual cath lab coming up(yuck). We are currently scheduled for December 26th. Not a fun way to spend Christmas break but if we did it earlier in December and they find that she is in rejection then back in the hospital we go and she will once again be on heavy immunosuppresion and on house arrest. I must say that I would love to have a Christmas with all my kiddos this Christmas morning at our house and not our other "house on the hill". Physical therapy is going well and Kaidence is making a lot of progress. She pulls herself up to everything and is starting to walk around furniture. She is not very steady on her feet but we are still so proud. Also today she discovered the stairs and seems to have a great interest in them even though she still doesn't want to crawl but who said she couldn't climb? I love to look at Kaidence every day and embrace the miracle that she is. Tonight I was helping the kids put out the Halloween decorations and Camden pulled out some decorations and said "hey mom, these use to be in sissy's hospital room." I must say I became very emotional as a flood of memories came back to me. I am so grateful for the life I had then and for the life I have now!