Friday, September 5, 2008


Let me start off by saying that I am so happy that we had our vents cleaned out. They were filthy and I needed no explaination as to why my house looked like it did after dusting. I can't believe that I had my whole family (all kids that have asthma) breathing that 50-60 years of yuck! Anyhow, the guy that came out to our house did an awesome job and I would highly recommend him, Soot and Cinders cleaning. He knew our situation with Kaidence and so he made sure that he got them as clean as possible. He had his mother come and help wipe down all of the hoses before bringing them into the house and she also scrubbed all of my vent covers amongst other things. They even cleaned up after themselves. I am so glad we did the negative pressure cleaning and not the $99 special. I couldn't believe all of the dust, dirt and grime.....a little embarrassing I must say. I just need to do a little in the laundry room and then I am all done with the cleaning and de-junking.

Kaidence spent the day at the neighbors while we had the ducts cleaned out. She is teething on her right side now that she has all of her bottom teeth (even molars) on the left side. I am hoping that is the cause of the fast poopies and the runny nose. She is eating better than ever (but stopped solids...teething) and seems much happier. She has started to throw her head back when she laughs and she thinks she is pretty darn funny.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I think that I am finally all done with my house, thanks to the girls that came over tonight. A huge thanks to Amy, Angie, Paula and Becky. Thanks for your help and most of all your company. Paula, your next!!!! Tomorrow the Duct cleaner man will be here to do the rest. I hope it works.

Kaidence looks so much better. She is eating, but has lost a lot of weight. Hopefully I can get the weight gain going because the doctors are starting to put on a lot of pressure, but when she keeps getting sick with the throwing up and the fast poopies that doesn't help much. We will keeping moving forward. I am starting hope that Kaidence's gross motor skills (walking or crawling) will kick in very soon. I hope that I can keep her healthy and happy.

Monday, September 1, 2008


First let me start off by thanking all of you for your prayers and the comments that you leave. We have the greatest family and friends ever and we are always so grateful for all of your support.
Kaidence came home today. Every test they sent came back negative and they sent A LOT. So They figure that Kaidence either has a virus that they do not have a test for OR it all points to her Cellcept drug ( I think that it is the drug). We have been dealing with this vomiting and diarrhea issue since she came home and started full immunosuppression with that particular drug. I have seen the patterns for months and months and have tried getting them to try something different. Today they finally took Kaidence completely off the Cellcept and placed her on a different medication. We will wait and see what happens. The vomiting has stopped (I hope) and the fast poopies are getting better. Her appetite is not the greatest and so I will have some feeds to make up throughout the night. She looks much better and seems very happy. I couldn't help notice that within a few minutes of being home her nose started running pretty bad. So I basically walked in the door and stripped down Kaidence's room and washed all of the walls, floors everything. I hope it helps. She has an air purifier in her room so I am hoping that will help keep the dust down until Friday when the vents are cleaned. We will not be using the AC until then because I don't want to dirty what I have done, in fact the wood shutters that I wiped down on Saturday are already collecting some dust on them. So basically our plans are to keep Kaidence happy, up on feeds and get the house cleaned. She has a Cardiology appointment on Thursday and we should know the results of the 24 monitor that she wore. I am so happy to be home and so happy that I can be there to get my kiddos off to school as well. I just want to be a mommy. Anyhow, once again thank you for all of your love and well wishes and for still checking in on Our Little Kaidence.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I will try to make this fast because I am not sure that my eyes will stay open. WE made it to our room at about 3AM and got to lay down at about 4AM. Why must the ER always take FOREVER? The funny thing is that pretty much everyone knows and has had Kaidence as a patient at some point or another. In fact, Cardiology had called into the ER and told them what needed to be done but I guess that they just wanted us to hang out with them a little longer. Anyhow, Kaidence has vomited off and on but this afternoon has really seemed to keep down what she drinks. She threw the biggest fit ever when we got to the room this morning. So, I was a litter flustered trying to quickly pack everything and forgot her sippy cup. I thought "no big deal" she wasn't eating anyhow and I would just have Mike bring it in the morning. With Kaidence's weak suck she will only take certain sippy cups and the hospital does not carry them . I had also realized that I left her G-Tube extension at home and that without it I had no way to give her meds or feed her. So of course, Kaidence decides she needs to eat NOW and I had no way to feed her. She kept signing milk and we finally had to give her a bottle with a different nipple on the end. Well, I was glad to see that she had some spunk in her and Mike did bring her cup up today, so all is well.

The Diarrhea is pretty bad and she seems to be starting to struggle with some respiratory issues. She is coughing more often today. They are testing everything possible and are starting to look into parasites. They came and wanted to know if we had been travelling out of the country. HA HA HA!!!!! Seriously, when would we find the time to do that? At least they are trying to figure it out and we appreciate that, but I still think some of this if not a great deal has to do with her meds. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow! Thanks and have a great night.