Thursday, September 4, 2008


I think that I am finally all done with my house, thanks to the girls that came over tonight. A huge thanks to Amy, Angie, Paula and Becky. Thanks for your help and most of all your company. Paula, your next!!!! Tomorrow the Duct cleaner man will be here to do the rest. I hope it works.

Kaidence looks so much better. She is eating, but has lost a lot of weight. Hopefully I can get the weight gain going because the doctors are starting to put on a lot of pressure, but when she keeps getting sick with the throwing up and the fast poopies that doesn't help much. We will keeping moving forward. I am starting hope that Kaidence's gross motor skills (walking or crawling) will kick in very soon. I hope that I can keep her healthy and happy.


Denita Skousen said...

YEA!!! I am glad your house is clean. I am so glad you have some good friends to help out when the family can't. I hope Kaidence can stay healthy and continue to grow and develope as well. Always in our hearts, Denita

AMES said...

I wish we could have done more - but so glad we could pitch in a bit. Kaidence looked adorable tonight - like the little miracle that she is! It was so fun to visit - and to see you in good spirits. You really are my hero, Shaun ... we need to play more. I love ya.

Dixie said...

I wish I could have been there to help you clean. I'm really good at it. Thank goodness you have great friends. I hope Kaidence can stay healthy for a long time!!! You are always in my prayers. Love, Aunt Dixie