Friday, June 25, 2010


(This post was written Friday but never posted. I am too lazy to rewrite a current post and all the info is still the same. ) However, I am no longer grumpy but seem to be a little more nervous for the surgery than I was last week.

Yes, I am still frustrated. One may even say grumpy about the whole surgery ordeal. I am sick of house arrest (although we should be use to it), worried because K has already been off her baby aspirin for the 2 weeks in prep for the surgery and she needs to get back on it and concerned because as of July 1st she no longer has her secondary insurance. I guess at least we will still have the one insurance, that's a blessing. Shall we just end with the fact that I feel like I have some serious pregger hormones right now.

This morning his office called and let me know that we will not know until Monday when we can reschedule her. All the OR's are booked out and on Monday they are over capacity. Then her Doc is leaving town for 3 weeks. There is no other doctor that knows how to perform this surgery, so that is not an option.

The scheduler just called to let us know that the doc called the hospital and they will allow him to perform a late surgery on Monday night. He has a full day of appointments and will perform that evening. I guess they are over capacity, so who knows how smoothly this will go. I think my biggest concern is that at the end of the day the OR has been known to run hours behind and I have a 3 year old that does not understand the no eating/drinking for hours on end. That is why the little ones always get the first morning appointments available. I will be praying that things run close to 'on schedule' and that K will have patience and just not be hungry or thirsty that day. Easy enough, right?

Kaidence was sad that she did not get to go to the hospital and have a ride in the wagon. She also wanted to wear her new mermaid nightgown she got from Nanna and Papa to help celebrate her new Mermaid voice. What the heck, I had to unpack her suitcase anyhow, so she wore it proudly to bed last night.

My cute little Camden lost his first tooth yesterday (Thurs.) My baby boy is growing up. He was so excited. Part of me was sad because he had planned to stay at my parents house that night because of the surgery and I would miss seeing his excitement from the tooth fairy coming. I guess its how it goes. McCaden lost his first tooth the night Kaidence got her heart transplant. I wasn't even there for it. He spent the night at the neighbors and the tooth fairy paid him a visit there. Yes, I cried knowing that I missed it. Yes, I also had guilt. BUT, today they are with their Nanna and Papa at Boondocks having a great time and K and I are just hanging out at home watching Sprout Tv.

We will keep you posted on Monday. Good Luck to all our friends heading into procedures today up at the hospital. Wish we were there to visit with you over a scrumptious meal at 'The Rainbow.' Know that we are sending happy thoughts and prayers your way.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery Canceled!

Kaidence's surgeon just called and canceled her surgery for tomorrow because he has a doctors appointment for himself. I guess someone forgot to let me know. AWWWWWWWHHHHHH! Bags packed, boys farmed off, Mike off work, Kaidence not sick. Seriously? This is what happens when you cancel a family vacation for a surgery. So I guess Miss K will continue her house arrest a little longer. I will end being positive "maybe this is meant to be."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surgery Time!

Well, Kaidene's surgery date is almost here. As much as I get super nervous for these sorts of things, I am grateful that the time has finally come. The vocal chord issue with Kaidence has been a bigger issue for her than I think we truly realized in the beginning. I am so grateful that technology is where it is and that we can improve this situation and her safety, I am a wreck sending K anywhere because she does choke so easily. She had a little episode on Sunday in church and both Mike and I looked at each other and said only 5 more days.

We are scared but optimistic. Hopefully this will be the final thing that needs to be fixed from the many months that she was sick in the ICU. This is the surgery that represents that we now have a 'big girl'. She needs it to go to preschool and had to reach a certain age to have it done. Ever since we brought K home from transplant we had a list of things we needed to do or get fixed on her. Besides heart caths (she will have those for the rest of her life) this surgery is the last thing on our list (knocking on wood).

I heard her tell the neighbor that she was having "surgery on her vocal chord" she then proceeded to tell him that she would also get "an IV in my arm." So needless to say, she is prepared. She told Mike and I today that she would smell stuff in her oxygen and then she threw herself back on the bed and pretended to snore. I am not sure if I laugh or cry. She is telling others that her mommy, daddy and Auntie (a favorite nurse at the hospital) will be there when she wakes up with a princess balloon. I guess we had better deliver.

I am so proud of my baby girl. She is strong, she is a fighter and she has been blessed with a grace, patience and understanding well beyond her age. No doubt, another blessing from her Father in Heaven.