Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Heart Update

I hope that everybody had a terrific Easter this weekend! At last, we made it out of town after cancelling the trip 4 times! We got Camden a waterproof cast for his hand and left. We felt strongly that we just needed to go! Transplant doesn't let you travel too far when waiting for a heart so we went all the way to Logan. My kids were so excited to go out of town that I had to double check and be sure they knew we were taking them to Logan and NOT Lagoon! They swam their little hearts out and I was sure to let Miss K know that this may be the last time she can swim for awhile. She swam until her lips were blue. It felt great to get away for a time, even if it was short lived. Sunday we took some time to walk around the grounds of the Logan temple and take some pics. That added a great spirit to Easter this year!

Things here are holding steady and crazy all at the same time! In fact, everyone is doing well. Friday I get to register Kaidence for Kindergarten (yes, you read that right). I am trying to decide if we go the route of traditional or do I put her in the Chinese Immersion program? I cannot believe how big she is getting.

Today was her monthly cardio appt. Things still look the same. They were kind today and told me they wanted to give me a heads up that Kaidence could get a heart any day now. They have had quit a few heart offers for her this last week. I cannot help but feel the time is coming soon. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what it means for another family. I fear what could happen to Kaidence as well. The second time around is very risky. Its a very long road and Its hard to process in my heart and head. All I can do is pray that whatever happens will be meant to be for all involved.

Please keep us in your prayers. Prayer for my sweet little boys whom I am sure can sense the tension in the air no matter how normal we try to make life. Prayers that Kaidence may be healthy, happy, peaceful and brave. Prayers that Mike and I can juggle it all. Prayers that we may know what is right and meant for things to come. Prayers that when the time comes I can bravely hand my daughter over to the surgeons with faith. Most of all prayers for whomever will be giving her a new heart and prayers for Devohn's family for the heart that today's beats within her. Above all, prayers for Heavenly Fathers will to be done.

I am now off to try and get things ready for whatever may or may not come our way!