Monday, November 24, 2008


Well I thought that it was about time that I update. Kaidence has been doing great. She is still on her extra immunosuppression for the rejection but almost done with the taper. She is a busy little girl and a very quick mover. Cardiology on Thursday went well and her echo looks great. She now says "owie" and "no-no". The steroids have helped increase her appetite but I am now finding as we are lowering the doses, that she is no longer wanting to eat as much ( NOT GOOD).
This picture is Kaidence sitting on the "time-out"bench. Notice her pink boots and fancy socks. My cousin gave her these boots and someone at the hospital made the socks for her. She LOVES her boots and always seems to be wearing them.

Today Mike had his surgery on his arm and everything went well. His doctor suggested that he get a nerve block for his arm. The doctor said this is the most painful surgery that he performs. Mike didn't want it but I was able to talk him into it. I said "they are drilling a hole in your bone, take the nerve block!" When Mike came out of surgery he said "poor sissy and all that she has had to go through." I would tell you all of the funny things that he was saying once the anatheseologist (SP????) gave him some good stuff but that would just be rude (but funny).

For the BYU game we went to my sisters house. Yes, I let Camden wear a Mohawk for the BYU game. I also told him to never ask again to wear one. I hoped it would make the Y a little more feisty, didn't work. All I have to say is the win or lose, it was much better than listening to the game from Kaidence's PICU hospital room last year.