Monday, November 24, 2008


Well I thought that it was about time that I update. Kaidence has been doing great. She is still on her extra immunosuppression for the rejection but almost done with the taper. She is a busy little girl and a very quick mover. Cardiology on Thursday went well and her echo looks great. She now says "owie" and "no-no". The steroids have helped increase her appetite but I am now finding as we are lowering the doses, that she is no longer wanting to eat as much ( NOT GOOD).
This picture is Kaidence sitting on the "time-out"bench. Notice her pink boots and fancy socks. My cousin gave her these boots and someone at the hospital made the socks for her. She LOVES her boots and always seems to be wearing them.

Today Mike had his surgery on his arm and everything went well. His doctor suggested that he get a nerve block for his arm. The doctor said this is the most painful surgery that he performs. Mike didn't want it but I was able to talk him into it. I said "they are drilling a hole in your bone, take the nerve block!" When Mike came out of surgery he said "poor sissy and all that she has had to go through." I would tell you all of the funny things that he was saying once the anatheseologist (SP????) gave him some good stuff but that would just be rude (but funny).

For the BYU game we went to my sisters house. Yes, I let Camden wear a Mohawk for the BYU game. I also told him to never ask again to wear one. I hoped it would make the Y a little more feisty, didn't work. All I have to say is the win or lose, it was much better than listening to the game from Kaidence's PICU hospital room last year.


Abby said...

I just happened upon your blog while looking through a friend of a friend's blog. I saw the name Shauntelle and thought...hmm...I wonder if that's Shauntelle Stevenson...and it was. And I have to say I have spent the last hour or so reading about your sweet little Kaidence and her story. I also watched the video of her transplant story on YouTube. I have been in tears reading your story. I had no idea that you had had another baby, much less that she has gone through so much. She is truly your little miracle. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well right now. I will put her in my thoughts and prayers, Shauntelle. And I am so glad I happened upon your blog.
Take Care,

Denise said...

We love the picture of Kaidence on the "time Out" bench wearing her boots. We're so happy she's so active and taking steps.
We also love the pictures of the kids with their BYU stickers painted faces; it was fun being together. Tell Camden Nanna and Pappa will spank his bottom if he ever wears a Mohawk for real.
We’re glad everything went well with Mike’s surgery and hope he did ok last night.
We’re so Thankful for the love, prayers, and the blessings we’ve received this past year, we have truly been blessed. Thank You Kaidence for being such an example and light to us.

Love to all – Nanna and Pappa

angie said...

ok so i want to know what did your little angel do to be in time out, or was she just chillin'! I kind of think just chilling. I love her boots, start em young on loving shoes. I hope mike gets to feeling better soon.

Kinder recipes said...

Kaidence you are sooo cute!!
Shauntelle, you are such a good mommy. Sunday in church McCaden was so cute, he was walking around with his arms folded, and then he opened the door for me and Kyona, I told him I would hold it for my boys and he could go with his dad, my boys were not at the door yet. McCaden then told me no that is ok, I will hold it. You girls can go to your car. Such a little gentelman. It was so cute. Your 3 kids are so cute.
Dallas said a special prayer for Mike. Dallas is in Mikes primary class, and Dallas said Brother Stephenson needed a prayer for his arm.
Oh ya, you are tagged. Sorry but Angie tagged me and I do not know to many with blogs so you are one of the lucky ones.
Love, Jill K

Denita Skousen said...

I love the picture of the boots and socks, mine does the same but she is naked! I am so glad everything has gone good so far. Tell Mike I hope he heals quickly and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Love Denita

Mp said...

Wow I can't believe how big Kaidence is getting...and how good she looks! Can't our kids stay small awhile longer so we can enjoy them when there young? It just seems like the hands of time go by so fast...I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Mike & Family

Mimi said...

She is so cute! She looks way older in those pics. I am so glad her apt went well. That is wonderful!

I had a few questions for you.

Can you email me at so I have your address??

Thanks so much.

Family Scads said...

I love the pictures! I had to show them to my husband because he is a U of U fan (I actually went to BYU). I am so glad that you got to watch the game at home. Isn't it nice to be home for the holidays?

I hope that Kaidence can come off of the steroids soon. Did they suspect that she was in rejection before the biopsy? The reason that I am asking that is because the doctors here do not do biopsy's ever unless they suspect rejection in the echo. I like that because the thought of the cath lab scares me to death!

Hope you are all doing great. Have a great Christmas!

Emily said...


She is so beautiful. I am glad that I got bored and started looking at different blogs and found you through Peyton Page. Email me and I will let you into our blog. Keep in touch!

Emily and Jason Wall

jas.n.em @ gmail .com