Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was just thinking of how blessed we have been this year. Last year on this Saturday Session of conference Kaidence was admitted back into the PICU with her heart function only at 3-5 %. Ahead of us layed a heartbreaking yet amazing journey that would change our lives forever. I had taken her back into the pediatricians office because she was not feeling well and they told me to drive straight to the hospital and to call 911 if anything happened. I did quickly stop by the house as it was on the way to the hospital so that I could pick up Mike and have him give her a blessing. I felt strongly that this was what she needed before getting to the hospital. I still remember my little baby girl sitting on the kitchen counter in her little car seat as Mike and our neighbor gave her a blessing. I had no idea that it would be that last time that she would be in her house for a very, very long time and that she would be coming home with a new heart. I remeber that as I was driving to the ER I was trying to listen to conference, I needed that peace and comfort. The only talk that I remember from that day was about giving service to to others. Maybe it was because our ward, neighbors family, friends and strangers had already been so great to us and my heart had been so tender to the love and compassion they had shown our family. This was basically the only talk I heard from the whole conference that October but it filled my heart with such love and peace. Kaidence quickly became severely ill within days and this was truly when it all started to unravel very quickly. Kaidence had beautiful blessings and we had complete faith in them but Heavenly Father knew that we would not grow and gain as much if we did not have to struggle and try our faith. The next 3 months were the hardest months of our lives and our faith has never been tested so much as it was then. Having faith in the blessings that Kaidence was given required us having the faith that a medical miracle would transpire. Many caring for Kaidence doubted that these miracles would likely take place but Mike and I had to keep looking forward and with time and patience we have seen MANY medical miracles since those blessings. Miracles that saved our daughters life, time and time again. Miracles that fill our hearts with graititude.

I am so grateful that I could listen to conference today in my house with my 3 healthy children and husband and for the miracles that have transpired, for all of you that helped carry our families burdens and who took it upon yourselves to pray for, fast for and care for our family and "Our little Kaidence." She truly has become a little bit of everyones life.

I try to keep positive and embrace life and truly feel that we have tried to make the best of our trials but I sometimes find myself worrying about the unknown of Kaidence's future. After today's talks I have decided that I need to take upon myself the same attitude that I had when Kaidence was so sick and in the hospital. If I did it then, I can definitely do it now. We will make the best of whatever comes our families way and like one of the talks in today's conference stated "Come what may... and love it!"