Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have started another post telling you about all the fun things that we did this summer, BUT it will still be awhile before I get it done. In the meantime I will give a quick Kaidence healthy update. Kaidence has done AWESOME this month. She has honestly grown so much this month. At the end of July we took her ff Singulair and baby aspirin and all of a sudden I have an EATER. Yes, you read that right. Kaidence seems to have found that food is pretty darn good after all. We honestly went from not taking a sippy cup of milk for the last 2.5 months toooooo "mama eat, eat mama". It honestly happened overnight. Also, the same day that the eating started Kaidence decided to potty train herself. She just woke up one morning and refused to wear a diaper (as I thought to myself, yeah right). But, Kaidence always has a surprise for us and I am pretty confident in saying that she is potty trained. She has only had 4 accidents since the first of August.
Also, Kaidence now sleeps in a 'big girl' bed. Ok, it is just her crib with the side off on her new bedding that has been sitting in the closet. BUT, she thinks that she is as big as her brothers now. I am a little concerned that all this 'big girl' behavior will be no more after her surgery next week. But, oh well!!!!

Currently Miss K has had some fevers. Her chest xray looks fine but cardiology just called to let us know that she most likely has a bacterial infection brewing. CRP and white count (bands and neuts) are elevated. We have the lovely cultures looking to grow something, so we will just wait.
By the way, Kaidence was not pleased with her multiple IV attempts today from our IV team buddies. She tried hiding her arms today once she IV team. Now that she cries"no mommy" "Hurts" "All done" and "Go Home" as she is being poked, my heart breaks more and more. Luckily, kids are very forgiving (we should all learn form them) and once she got her shirt on and felt safe, we were all friends again.
We are hoping that Miss K gets better so that we can proceed with the surgery!!!!