Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I will try to make this fast because I am not sure that my eyes will stay open. WE made it to our room at about 3AM and got to lay down at about 4AM. Why must the ER always take FOREVER? The funny thing is that pretty much everyone knows and has had Kaidence as a patient at some point or another. In fact, Cardiology had called into the ER and told them what needed to be done but I guess that they just wanted us to hang out with them a little longer. Anyhow, Kaidence has vomited off and on but this afternoon has really seemed to keep down what she drinks. She threw the biggest fit ever when we got to the room this morning. So, I was a litter flustered trying to quickly pack everything and forgot her sippy cup. I thought "no big deal" she wasn't eating anyhow and I would just have Mike bring it in the morning. With Kaidence's weak suck she will only take certain sippy cups and the hospital does not carry them . I had also realized that I left her G-Tube extension at home and that without it I had no way to give her meds or feed her. So of course, Kaidence decides she needs to eat NOW and I had no way to feed her. She kept signing milk and we finally had to give her a bottle with a different nipple on the end. Well, I was glad to see that she had some spunk in her and Mike did bring her cup up today, so all is well.

The Diarrhea is pretty bad and she seems to be starting to struggle with some respiratory issues. She is coughing more often today. They are testing everything possible and are starting to look into parasites. They came and wanted to know if we had been travelling out of the country. HA HA HA!!!!! Seriously, when would we find the time to do that? At least they are trying to figure it out and we appreciate that, but I still think some of this if not a great deal has to do with her meds. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow! Thanks and have a great night.


Denita Skousen said...

I hope your day goes better tomorrow. We are always thinking about you and having you in out thougths and prayers, I know I have said this a thousand times but it is true. If only I lived closer I could help out with something. I hope to hear some good news next post!!! We will keep out fingers crossed. LoL Denita

The Boys Rule said...

Hang in there Shauntelle. We are praying that Kaidence will be feeling better and coming back home again very soon. Call if you need anything. (I'm dropping your dishes off this week, I promise!)

Em said...

Wow, they can ask some REALLY ridiculous questions. Sure, you have ALL the time in the world to travel around the world with your daughter that had a heart transplant. I mean, come on!!! I really hope they get to the bottom of this, or that it will resolve itself! We are praying for you guys!
Heart hugs,

AMES said...

Shauntelle! I love you! I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. Give little Kaidence a big kiss for me. I will be calling you later today - so be thinking of something I can do to help!! Can I wash some of your clothes? Or at least the kids clothes? I would be happy to help. And I want to bring your family dinner. So, be ready - I'll be calling. Love ya lots. You are ALL in our prayers.

Leslie said...

You are in our prayers and we really want to be able to help! I can do laundry, help w/ the boys, clean, whatever you need!
Also, I had a thought that won't seem to leave...concerning the "parasite". I had a friend whose home had the same issues but hers included mold as well. She had the thick layer of black dust due to the vents, etc. and her whole family got really sick. Since Kaidence is very susceptible to any germ/ virus, etc. could this possibly be a connection??
I am not sure this is even helpful but we want to help in any way we can.
You are all in our prayers. Hang in there.

Summer said...

Oh Shauntelle, I am soooo sorry! We are praying for Kaidence. They asked us the "out of the country" question when mason was in for his fevers last month? Now , come on, really!! Is there anything I can do for you? I'll call you later!!

Much Love, Summer and Mason