Thursday, March 20, 2008


We have higher numbers today!!!!! I feel so relieved as I think you could all imagine as to why. Kaidence's ANC was up to .8(800) from .5 (500) on Monday. The good thing about these numbers are that they increased on their own, without the help of the shots. We were worried on Monday after lower numbers that the medication from the shot was wearing off and that her body was not stimulating reproduction on their own. Having numbers increase is a good sign that this is not caused from a type of cancer. If so the numbers would most likely not be able to increase on their own. I feel better now so I am going to go and clean my house....Maybe!


Kinder family said...

That is wounderful news. I am so happy to read that.
We will continue to pray for Kaidence and your whole family.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kaidence. What a big relief this is for all of you. I hope that they can finally make up their minds about her medicade. Our prayers continue to be with you. Love to all, Aunt Deb

Em said...

Gosh, I feel like kicking medicaid and the social security people! Grrrrr!!!How do they even begin to think that one can afford all the medical bills?! Do they not realize how much it costs to have a child at Primary's? Anyway, glad that her number are going up. You guys continue to be in our prayers, and most likely will be for a long, long time!
Mike and Emily