Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, BYU had a good game today. We are hoping that the good luck will continue for us today. And for those of you that are U fans, good game and I sincerely mean that.

Kaidence continues to be very swollen. She wants to sleep all day long. She woke up and played some with the bells that my Aunt Deb bought her yesterday. She seems to really like them. Her WBC was down to 18 and her CRP down as well, so we are happy about that. They seem to be concerned about her sleepiness, but I think that she is so sick and I also think that she is depressed. She can't be held, she can't turn her head with that stupid tube in. Sometimes I think that it makes things worse in stead of better. She acts blah, but if you can convince her to wake up and play she seems to enjoy it. They are talking about taking out the taking out the tube tomorrow. I hope that they will. I think that it will help Kaidence's spirit a great deal.


Wendy P said...

Ok - go BYU! After all I work for them, right? But I was cheering red big time today! I also hope BYU's luck goes Kaidence's way. The analogy is good - she seems to always be getting the first downs and moving in the right direction, then she gets sacked. Then she'll turn around on a 4th and 20 and convert a big score. You got me thinking in analogies tonight!!!

Mostly, you keep us thinking, praying, and trusting in God. You help me to be thankful for little things, and when I get upset about things that really don't matter, I remember the little things that matter more.

May Heavenly Father continue to watch over and bless all of you. Kaidence, we love you and send hugs and kisses to brighten your day.

Love, Wendy & Sarah

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun shopping with you on Fri. But I was beat when I finally got home at 6:00. A 14 hr. shopping spree was a record for me.

I am glad that Kaidence is enjoying her silver bells, and that they will entertain her. I hope that they can get the tube out so that you can hold her and have more interaction with her. Each little thing that happens that sends you in the right direction is a giant step towards recovery. I know that our Heavenly Father is holding her in His arms and comforting her. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that you will find joy and happiness this Christmas season as you ponder the miraculous event that took place. We hope that Kaidence will receive a new birth as well, as she heals and becomes strong once again. We love you, Hang in there we are all behind you and supporting you. Love Aunt Deb