Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So like I have said, the last few weeks have been a little bitter sweet to reminisce as to the fact that last year at the time we had 3 healthy children not knowing that things would change extremely. I often try to remember how easy and worry free life was then compared to our life now, even though I am so grateful for the life we do have. So this week on Sunday, July 27th will be our 1 year anniversary since our lives changed forever. I have so many mixed emotions. It seems so long ago since it all happened. In fact last year at this time we were on our family McCall, Id vacation where it all begin. We were all were SO SICK! I wanted to do something special to mark the anniversary and to celebrate how far we have come. Any fun ideas of how to celebrate (keep in mind it is Sunday)? If I was rich I would love to invite everyone over for a big picnic celebration and invite all our family, friends, ward family, nurses and doctors so that we could personally Thank You all. That of course won't be happening but do know that you all would have defiantly been invited and that we are so thankful for what you have done for us. We are so grateful for all that we have learned this last year and for how our lives have been touched for the better....forever!


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Summer said...

Wow!! What a lot you've been through in a year. You are an inspiration to me. You were always so happy in the PICU everytime I saw you. I am gratefull for our friendship. We pray for Kaidence everyday. Mason has a crush on her too I think!!! Take lots of pictures on Sunday, its a big day for your family.

Lots of love, Summer and Mason

Sarah said...

My family was also in McCall last year at this time! It is our most favorite place in the world and we try and get there every summer. Crazy to think our paths may have passed before the PICU. Congratulations on the mile-stone! Lots of love.

Sarah said...

oh, It's Sarah Burchett here, I forgot that!