Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am once again asking for you to pray for another heart baby. Little Baby Gracie. I have been following the blog that her parents started for her during the pregnancy after being diagnosed with HLS. She has been born, had her first surgery and run into some complications. Please pray for this sweet little one. I have added her link to my blog. The feelings are too close to home and I know that the peace that can be given to them through the prayers and fasting of others.


Connie and Gary said...


I am Michele's step dad and I just want to thank you for your sweet comments. We are so thankful for Gracie and know everything is in Heavenly Fathers hands and time frame. Your prayers are felt and please know my wife Connie and I will put your family in our prayers. God Bless

Em said...

Gosh Shauntelle, seeing Gracie's little website brought back the whole slew of emotions back from Ryker. That is the second time it has happened. I think it was seeing Jackie in one of the pictures. I just think these kids are miraculous and mt heart truly goes out to these parents. You are such an amazing support to so many!