Saturday, April 5, 2008


Gracie's parents have not posted yet, but Gracie's Aunt and Grandma have. GRACIE MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! This is huge, considering she couldn't even last minutes off ECMO earlier this week.

6 months ago, last conference saturday Kaidence was admitted once again to PCMC. We watched our saturday morning conference from the ER and later from kaidence's PICU bedside. Little did we know at that time that Kaidence would be so close to dying within a week and that we would face that fear for weeks at a time, multiple times. We also never thought that it would take an experimental heart pump and then a transplant to get her home again. Kaidence didn't get to go home until 1/10/2008, but she did come home, That conference touched my heart as it seemed the speakers and the spirit spoke directly to me. As though it was preparing me for the trials that I never thought would lie ahead for my Kaidence, my family and our ward family. I did not know then what was about to happen to our life's. I pray that your hearts may be touched like mine was and give you the strength and faith that you will need in the days and years to come.

With Hope, Faith and Love,


The Boys Rule said...

Hey Shauntelle and Family, I am so glad that you are home to watch conference this time, instead of sitting in the hospital. Hurray! I was also so glad to see Gracie's blog today and read how well she is doing. I'm praying for little Gracie and you guys! Happy Conference.

Megan and Alyvia said...

Glad that Kaidence is home and doing well (:
Thanks for sharing Gracie's blog with us. We are praying for her.

I just sent you an email. I actually made my blog background, but it wasn't very easy, I sent you the website that tells you how to do it and some websites for pre-made templates.
Hope it works for ya!