Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have often wondered about "what I am going to do to help make a difference?" One thing that I feel so strong about is Organ Donation. I don't think that any one realizes how many children(adults) would have a fair chance at life if people would just be willing to donate. Please consider registering to be a donor. I have seen too many little ones pass away lately when a heart was all that they needed. It is so sad and senseless. Other organs are desperately needed as well. There are some medical deaths that cannot be avoided but when it comes to those that need organs donated, YOU CAN save their lives. I hope that you never have anything come upon you to where you are the donor and I also hope that you are never the one needing the organ. The thing is that none of us know what our futures hold. All I am asking is please educate yourself now and consider giving this precious gift of life. I have placed links on my page to help educate you and also so that you can register as a donor if you choose. Thank You to those that have already chosen to do so. In the future Kaidence will likely need another transplant. Kaidence would not be here if it weren't for the wonderful family that chose to give her a second chance at life, please be willing to do the same.


Em said...

Looking back with Lilly, I wish we would have had the opportunity to have donated her organs. Everything about her was perfect, and after having Ryker and meeting Kaidence, I wish it had worked out that we had. I know things happen, and hind sight is 20/20. But I am proud to be a registered organ donor!

Becky Wertz said...

I think it is important to donate. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to help someone in their time of need. And anyone that does it is a true example of what being "Christ like" means. Not only is it good to be an organ donor but is good to give blood when you can. I am proud to be part of both.

Anonymous said...

I can see from all that you have experienced, how important organ donation is. I have a good friend that had a kidney transplant. unfortunately it did reject. She had to have another transplant and said that if she had to go through it again, she was going to be a pancreas and kidney, as she had suffered with diabetes for years. Coleen wondered if she would be around to see her two kids graduate from high school. She has done wonderful and she is a grandma to 4 of Michelle's darling kids. So organ donation gives life in so many ways. I am registered to be a organ donor. And I donate blood platelets on a fairly regular basis. It just take a little time to give the gift of life. But what a blessing it is to those that receive.
I love the music that is on your blog. It is so peaceful. Conference was wonderful. What a cute Prophet President Monson is. You could tell how the mantle has settled on his shoulders. I see a different aura about him now. He was so appreciative to have all of those hands raise, to support and sustain him. Our Savior's work goes forth and I just hope that I can do my part in building the Lords Kingdom. Love to you all, Aunt Deb

Crystal said...

I'm a Donor!!

How is Kaidence doing? Her numbers better? What about her cyclo levels?


Alayna Williamson said...

Hi Shauntelle!

This is Alayna. I got the address. Rather than posting it, e-mail me and I can forward it on to you.


Alayna Williamson