Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tonight has been very frustrating. We had Kaidence's echo done. During the echo we found that some damage was done to her new heart during the cath lab today. They figure what happened was that when they took the prong like snippers to grab a biopsy of the heart it clipped the part of her valve that makes it open and close. They said it is very rare to have something like this happen (should that make me feel better?) and that the doctor had never had it happen before.It is causing her valve not to open and close like it should and so the blood doesn't go where it should as well. Kaidence could live with this regurgitation if it does not get worse but it could put added stress on the heart and shorten its life. If things get worse they will have to go in and do another open heart surgery to repair the valve. Our problem is that she has already had two open heart surgeries and the more times you open the sternum the higher death rate you have. We wanted to not have to open it until Kaidence needed a new heart. I am not going to lie. Tonight I feel very frustrated. With all of Kaidence's other problems in the past I handled them well but tonight I am frustrated. I keep playing the famous "what if game." I know that Kaidence's Cardiologist is not very happy about the whole thing. The doctor that did the procedure came in and apologized for possibly causing a problem that may compromise Kaidence's heart. Kaidence just finished fighting 4 IV pokes and is exhausted. I am going to go and love and cuddle my little girl. Please pray for her once again. I am hoping that we can have more answers in the morning and that things are better and not worse. Just another bump in the road. I know that the Lord still has a plan for Kaidence.


Megan and Alyvia said...

I am so sorry, that is terrible. We are praying for Kaidence.

Becca said...

Shauntelle, I am so sorry that there is another bump in the road for you and your family. We will be praying for you and Kaidence and we will pray that her heart will not suffer because of this accident. I wish that there was more that I could do. Just know that we are thinking of you. I also have something for you that I was hoping to give you the next time we cross paths. Maybe on Monday. I'll keep in touch.


Em said...

I am sorry Shauntelle. That is very stressful. It is so very hard to not get frustrated when it seems as if this could have been prevented. I did not know that about the sternum. I guess you do learn something new every day. We pray for you guys continuously and know that you are and will always be in our thoughts and prayers.
Emily and Mike

Anonymous said...

Please don't apologize for being frustrated, after all you have been through most of us would be a lot more than that! Hang in there, she has been such a miracle I am sure she will be ok :)

Connie and Gary said...

After all you have been through, Frustrated probably does not fully tell how you must be feeling. Connie and I will be praying very hard for Kaidence to weather this storm as she has the others. You are a wonderful family and we ask the Lord to keep the spirit close to you all.
Gary and Connie Mayer
Gracie's Grandparents

Christina said...

How frustrating. We will keep your family in our prayers.

Marie said...

I am so sorry that things are so frustrating! I was going to poke my head into the echo lab and say hi yesterday, but then I heard Dr. Everitt and thought better of it. I know that things will get better. Keep your chin up and please don't kill anyone!!

Summer said...

So sorry Shauntelle! We will be praying for you and Kaidence. You are amazing and Heavenly Father knows that! YOu are an example of faith to us all. I must say , now I'm worried for Mason's Cath on the 22nd! stay in touch, love Summer

Melissa said...

Oh NO! This is terrible. I hope that the regugitation is not significant and that it wount cause any stress to her new heart. Best of Luck!
Melissa - Intermountain Healing Hearts

Becky Wertz said...

I would be frustrated to. Please don't feel bad about it you have a right to have feelings and emotions too. She will be in our prayers as always.

The Andersens said...

that is so hard to hear. i am so so sorry. i can't believe something like that happened. i hope that it doesn't compromise her little heart. and i hope very much for her that she doesn't have to have another surgery. i admire your faith, and its ok to get frustrated. in situations like that, how can you not have frustrations?! i would be furious..not frustrated. so i very much admire your faith. we will definitely keep Kaidence in our prayers and pray that her heart continues to function normally.
love the andersens

Crystal said...

Oh Shauntelle... I haven't checked in for a while and then I read this. My heart is just broken and I couldn't stop the tears.

I am SO sorry this happened.

I could go on and on about past miracles and future miracles but I know that right now, all that you can feel is utter dissapointment and frustration.

My prayers are with you and sweet Kaidence. I'll pray the Holy Ghost will be with you in great abundance while you deal with this. And that Kaidence's heart will heal. With him, all things are possible.

Much Love,