Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today has been a surprisingly nice day for Kaidence at the hospital. We got to the hospital today at 6 am and they took her into the cath lab around 7:45am. Cath lab took about 3.5 hours. During her procedure we went to visit our PICU friends. It was weird to see Kaidence's name back on the white board. Kaidence did great. Her numbers all looked great as well. They check different pressures in her heart and lungs in the cath lab. They also shoot dye through her heart and watch how her heart and all the vessels handls it. Because she is a transplant she is at a higher risk of artery disease, but all of that looked good. Everything looked AWESOME today. Her heart is happy and working well. We are hoping that the heart biopsy will look as good. That will be back tonight sometime. Also, when they looked closer at Kaidence's LPA it looked fine and so they never had to stint or balloon it (amazing). Which means that she was transferred to the floor and not the PICU. It is wonderful that we didn't have to do any intervention with the LPA, because it would be one more thing to maintain and would have to be redone often to keep up with her growing body and heart. We are getting an echo this afternoon as well. Also, Kaidence may be back down to once/week appointments. YEAH!!!!! I am so excited not to have to come to cardiology twice a week. I have one more whole day now to conquer the world. They will continue to watch miss K tonight for bleeding and any other problems. Kaidence has had a nasty cough for about 10 days now. They noticed that her upper right lung is a little collapsed. Usually it is her left lung giving us problems. She has needed a little oxygen help at times but they aren't sure if that is do to being intubated again during surgery or her being sick. We will wait and see.
The plan is to come home tomorrow. That will be good. McCaden told my mom today that he doesn't like it when we go to the hospital . He said it makes his tummy hurt. What cute little guys we have. Thank you for all of your love!


The Boys Rule said...

Way to go Kaidence! Glad to hear your day went so well and that you won't have to stay longer than just today!!

Anonymous said...

What a good girl she is :) I am so very happy that all is going well and hopefully your once a week appointments will soon be once a month then what will you do with all of your time??? Bon Bon's anyone!! HEE HEE