Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Gracie and her family have a tough day ahead of them and my heart breaks for them. It hits too close to home and I struggle as I watch what these families are going through. This is the same scenario that they planned for us to be in with Kaidence when they talked about placing her on ECMO and taking her off if she had not recovered in a week. The peace of mind that comes from it is knowing that as a parent you did all you could to save your child but that it is now out of your hands. They will trial Gracie off of the ECMO today around 2pm. If she does not hold her own they will then let her pass away and return to the welcoming arms of her Father in Heaven. Sometimes it takes these sweet and innocent little ones to teach and remind us grown ups of life, its TRUE purpose and what should truly be important to us. Family, Friends and Faith in Christ. Please pray for Gracie and her family. I thank our Father in Heaven many times a day for my miracle - Kaidence.


Kinder family said...

Our Prayers are with you and your family. They are also with little Gracie and her family. May peace and love be with all the little ones and their families.

Em said...

I feel for the Gledhills. This is so very hard and your words are truly such a comfort. Thank-you for being such a wonderful friend to all.

Denise said...

I know Gracie's life is in our Heavenly Fathers hands. Our thought and prayers are with Gracie's and her family. Our prayers continue to be with Kaidence as well as all our Grandchildren. I hope and pray that tomorrow will be a good hospital day.

Love - Mom