Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, I only have a minute. Sorry that I have not updated but our Internet was not working. Kaidence came home from the hospital later Tuesday afternoon. Her liver labs started looking better and the vomiting had stopped (until we got in the car to come home). We think that it must be another virus. She is having some skipped beats with her heart and so we brought her home on a heart monitor for 24 hours. We should get the results back early next week, we are keeping our fingers crossed. They finally understand me when I say that her C-PAP mask is not working with her. The hospital tried on every mask that they have and could not find one that worked for Kaidence. The Pulmonary Doc is seeing if he can get "special permission to send her home on High flow Oxygen." Home health says they only send people home on it if they are having Hospice care, so we will see what happens. I think I hope it works out. She would tolerate it better than c-pap.
Kaidence is doing ok. She has the fast poopies but has stopped throwing up. Her appetite is not that great so I will be tube feeding tonight for sure. She had a check up today at her peds office and all looked well. Oh ya, she also ate her first crayon tonight. We were given a gift card to go out to eat and eat so she decided to bite off a piece of the red crayon and then throw it up in the restaurant in front of everyone. Good times!
Thank you for all of your prayers, we love you all!
P.S. I retract make earlier statement about no longer throwing up. It has started just up again as I am blogging this. I love cleaing up throw up and I am getting pretty darn good at it!!!!! Gotta go and clean up!


Denita Skousen said...

I am glad you are home, I was getting nervous when you didn't post anything. We will continue to pray and think of you. I hope she gets better soon and stops the vomiting. It is not fun. LOL Denita

Summer said...

I am sure glad you are home. Sorry she has been sick again, but hope she continues to get better. Your family is in our prayers.

Much Love, Summer

Anonymous said...

I hope that the pukes and poops stop soon. You are becoming a pro at all of this. Hang in there you are in our prayers. Love to you all Aunt Deb