Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok, they once again canceled her cath. I want to just sit and cry (OK, I already have). They are too afraid to do her because she had H1N1. I understand the concern, but people you also have to go by the patients clinical status, not just a diagnosis of something that she had in the past. Kaidence has NO COUGH, NO RUNNY NOSE, NO FEVER...........NOTHING!!! SHE IS EVEN EATING! She has been well for a week now. I can't guarantee that she will be this healthy as the winter goes on. The ironic thing is that this would be the healthiest that Kaidence has EVER been for a heart cath. Cardiology even pleaded our case but the anesthesiologist said no way because she had the swine flu. I understand they are only trying to protect our children and I do appreciate that. It is just one of those black and white things without seeing any of the color in between. Next time we will request Chuck P as our anesthesiologist. So our date is being moved to December. I am really praying for no rejection so that we are not in the hospital again for Christmas or on strict house arrest Christmas Day.

Worse things have happened in life and my no means is this a huge deal. Just a big disappointment and a longer wait for the unknown. I am grateful that Kaidence IS so healthy. I just wish others would listen and know that I would NEVER even chance for a moment putting Kaidence in any danger.

Thanks for letting me vent!


Treasure Hunter said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work out this week. I hope that things go well in December and you have a great cozy time at home! (Whit healthy children, of course.) Thanks for keeping us updated on Kaidence.

Allison said...

Oh I am so sorry. We love Dr. Pribble... he will keep her in good hands. Sorry again to have to delay the waiting!!

Summer said...

Darn it!!! So sorry! We will remember K in our prayers to stayy nice and healthy with a good news cath in Dec.

Loves xoxox to K from Mason

Tiffany Profsky said...

well as you know everything happens for a reason. maybe K wasnt supposed to have her cath that day

g-ma-vicki said...

After everything you have been through you have every right to rant and rage for a few minutes not just vent...there is nothing worse than the unknown. There are so many people out there praying for your family than you'll ever know..she is being watched ovver by God, she is his daughter too so I just KNOW she will be cleared soon for that CATH. Love to you from OWEN'S Gramma.