Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cath Lab - take 3!

So about 4:30 this afternoon the cath lab called to cancel Kaidence's appointment for the 1st of December. They had another heart kiddo that needed the spot. I told them I understood because I am sure that we have caused others to reschedule in the past when Kaidence needed things done.

Well after trying to find another date to reschedule, she said that they could do her cath tomorrow morning. I asked her to double and triple check with same day surgery to be sure that they were really ok with it. She called and they told her that 4 weeks post H1N1 was only for those that had the illness severely enough to be hospitalized. So we are apparently good to go for the morning, first case.

Please keep Kaidence and the doctors in your prayers. I have been a little more paranoid about her airway holding up after the tonsil episode, but I think that was an isolated episode due to the swelling, cough and too much Lortab.

I am also worried about her heart valves after the other cath. Once you have one bad cath experience it seems to make you a little more paranoid for the others. I am sure that all will be well. She knows that she gets to go to the hospital in the morning. she just tilted her head and said "Oh no" in her soft, raspy voice. We look forward to checking this off our Holiday list of 'things to do'.

Thank You for your prayers. They bring so much comfort, peace and guidance.


The Simmons Family said...

Of course we will be pryaing for Kaidence!! Caths are always difficult, and painful :(.

Praying for ALL good news!

The Curtis Family said...

We will for sure keep you in our prayers. Too bad we were discharged today. We could have had a nice vitsit!


Little Bear and Peanut said...

We will be praying and sending our love.


Becca said...

We had Ellie code in an MRI, and we are already dreading her MRI in December. I'm trying to figure out how I am going to get through it. We will pray for her and you. And hope all goes well.

Ellie's mom-Becca

Me said...

Well that was a sudden turn of events. We will be praying for you guys. I will be nervously watching for updates. So don't forget about us cyberstockers. Lots of prayers. xoxoxoxoox Hilary

Allison said...

I'm with Hilary! We too will be praying and checking in tomorrow!

Treasure Hunter said...
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Treasure Hunter said...

We will be praying for all of you! It will be nice to get it over with. Good Luck! We will be thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for your post! Good luck tomorrow! I (we) will keep Kaidence in our prayers. Madison had an appointment with Dr. Everitt at the same time that Cath Lab #2 was scheduled. I planned on looking for you at the hospital, just to meet and say hi. I absolutely love Kaidence's blog. Thank you for writing it. It's so comforting to read what other mom's are going through. Take Care..