Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update to cath #1

Kaidence's cardiologist just came by to let us know that Kaidence is dong well. They think that there is narrowing of the Left Pulmonary Artery (LPA). However, we have had this discussion before. In fact 6 months after tx, we sent Kaidence to the cath with the idea that a stint would be placed at that time. Dr. Cowley felt that it was just the angle of her artery and that blood flow was fine and therefore found no need to place the stint. Dr. Gray was wanting to place a stint after getting a look at things this morning. They will balloon her artery in the cath and see what happens. If things look stable at the point Kaidence's cardiologist wants to wait and do a MRI of her lungs and heart that will show the blood flow to both. If this looks bad, then we will go into another cath to have the stint placed. It would be one more cath, but better than having something placed that is not needed.

(FYI - a stint opens up the artery and allows more blood flow. If the artery goes without the appropriate amount of flow then the vessels of that artery will die off and cause serious problems).

She still is not finished and we are anxious to see her. Still keeping a prayer in our hearts.


Michelle said...

Shauntelle... Kaidence is in our prayers. I've been thinking about her all morning. Dr. Gray is wonderful to work with. (you already know that) We love him! It's so nice and comforting to be in such good hands up there. Good luck!

Me said...
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Me said...

I am glad that you were prepared for the stint option. I am praying and holding my breath. Thanks for the updates. How are you holding up. Enjoying the rainbow cafe? Drink a Dr. Pepper for me. Lots of prayers!!