Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some GREAT news and a little not so great news!

Well, first I must give the good news first........NO REJECTION. Zero's all the way across the board. Part of me still can't believe it. Her AMR also looked better than last time. We are overwhelmed with happiness from that news.

Next part, I noticed that Kaidence was not really moving her right arm much after the cath. She also would say "owie" if I touched it. Didn't think much of it because she also had the blood pressure cuff on it. However, as the day went on she was still not moving it. I went to give her a sippy and noticed that she could not grasp her cup. She cant bend her arm. Almost like her muscles aren't working. She can twist her wrist and move her arm at the shoulder, but cannot bend her arm. It just hangs straight. We aren't sure what happened. She has no other symptoms of stroke or blood clot at the time. Dr Gray said it is very rare (should be my first sign) but sometimes patients can get what is called a brachial plexis (sp?) injury. Basically because in the cath lab they have their arms raised above their head for a long amount of time (today was longer then expected) it stretches the nerves and damages them. Most patients will recover their arm function, but it may take awhile and therapy. If she has not regained more function on Monday, Cardiology will schedule an appointment with neurology. Kaidence would not be Kaidence without some sort of drama thrown into the groove of things. Hopefully she will tolerate her arm issue ok. Right now I can tell that she gets frustrated at times. She can't climb onto things any longer, catch herself when she falls, get herself her sippy to her mouth, sit herself up from laying or do her sign language. We are praying that this will resolve itself in a timely manner before she gets into the habit of not using that arm at all. She is a happy little stinker tonight just to be home. In fact she talked and sang to herself the whole way home.
We are trying to focus on the amazing news from her biopsy. We have been so blessed and the Lord will continue to bless Kaidence and find a way to provide for her what is needed. Monday we will have results as to whether a stint needs to be placed and we will maybe have a better idea of what her arm will do. Thank you for all of your prayers. I will update if anything changes.


Staci said...

I am so glad that cath went well! And like you said, you wouldn't know what to do without a hiccup. I tried to come find you today at PCMC, but I must have missed you. Congratulations! Keep up the good work Kaidence.

Staci (angel Bridger's mom)

Denita Skousen said...

So,so glad that the the lab turned out. I hope she regains the feeling and usefullness of her arm soon. I have been thinking about you alot lately! Are you guys going shopping Black Friday? Have fun if you are!!! Love ya!

The Curtis Family said...

What great news! Although that is pretty crazy about her arm. We will pray for a quick recovery. Take care!


Me said...

Yahoo!!!! I am so happy no rejection!! That is amazing!! I'm so happy for you. We will continue praying for her arm. Hope to see you soon.

Sunshine Marketing said...

Nothing to say...just know that I am thinking about you and yours, and from mother to mother being angry, happy, sad, mad, grateful , and releieved all at the same time. Our prayers are with you.
Much Love,
Thatchers Mom

Summer said...

I am so happy for the good news!!! We will pray for K's arm to recover soon!

Loves from Mason & Mommy

Michelle said...

Good luck with the arm thing. Dang it!
Congrats on good news! You are amazing. Thank you for your posts. We're keeping Kaidence in our prayers. Take Care.