Saturday, December 15, 2007


We are sad tonight after Kaidence's neighbor 7 week old Ryker suddenly passed away this afternoon. He is playing in heaven with his big sister that passed away 12. months ago. This family needs your prayers very much. We are so sorry for their loss and we will miss them very much. What a great family they are and will continue to be with two perfect little ones watching from above.


Wendy P said...

Two little angels? And I get upset over the silliest little things. Shauntelle you've said it many times in your blog to love and hold those we have around us. At this time I thank you for those words to remind me of my own blessings. We continue to pray for you and Ryker's family.
Bless you all! Love Wendy

Melissa said...

Can you email me privately if you have Ryker's families home address. The group would like to send them something.
I am sorry youa re sick and not able to visit Kaidence. Are you feeling better at all? Let me know what I can do for you. Maybe I can come out and just visit one day? Take Care!
Melissa Andrew
Intermountain Healing Hearts

kara said...

I am deeply touched to hear of Rykers family's loss. Have they been at the PICU long? It seems like I saw his poster near the end of October.
Shauntelle, you are probably building quite a lot of friendships there in the PICU in the time you have been there. You are such a strength to all of us who know you. You have such energy, optimism, and such concern for others -amazing! Kaidence and you make a powerful team. She is such a fighter and seems to make the most with whatever hand she is dealt. I am praying for you right now. I know the Lord is directing the affairs of your family, and I am anxious to see what wise purpose He will have for her. Already she has touched so many-just look at this blogspot! We miss you too.

Kara Olsen- (Tabitha's mom)
P.S. Tabitha is doing great and has been gaining weight like a trooper . She is 11 1/2 lbs. and was 7 lbs. at the end of Oct. This Christmas we are reflecting on our time there and how blessed we were to receive such good care and have miracles worked on our Tabitha

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rykers family. I know that you and Mike are a source of strength to all of these families that you have associated with. Your mission is a great one. It always makes me stop and pause, when I hear of another little soul returning to Heavenly Father. I realize how fortunate that our family is. We have been so blessed. I am so glad that Kaidence is doing so wonderful. What a great blessing she has been to all of us. Stay strong and remember that the Lord knows whats best. And all things happen in his time. I am excited for Christmas Eve. We always have such a fun time. Love to all, Aunt Deb