Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today is such a great day for one family and a heartbreaking day for another. I received a phone call about 2:35 this morning to tell me that Daxton has a heart. Unfortunately my phone ringer was off and I did not know. So I saw the message first thing this morning and was able to run up and see Daxton. I am heading up again in a few to sit in the waiting room with his family. I am so grateful for this beautiful miracle. Daxton melts my heart and he has the sweetest family. We are so happy for you DAXTON!!! We will continue our prayers not only for you and your family but for the family who's heart aches to hold their little angel.


Em said...

We are so excited for the Cooks! What an amazing blessing! That makes 5 children I know that have gotten their hearts this year! What a miracle, but also, what a sacrifice for those families.

AMES said...

He is so sweet. What an amazing little miracle. I am just amazed at how many miracles we are blessed with. What a hard world we live in.

The McOmie Seven said...

I am so glad that you finally got your house cleaned. What a relief. I wish that we were closer to eachother so that we could be better friends. I love to hear about what is going on and share in your strength and frustration. Thank you for your strength.
Love always,
Jessica McOmie