Monday, December 15, 2008


I am proud to announce that........Kaidence has gained weight. On December 4th she weighed in at 20lbs 8oz. On Friday December 12th she weighed in at 23lbs 14oz. That's over 3 pounds in 9 days. Yeah!!!!!!!!! I started supplementing her feeds with Duocal. It is a healthy way to increase calories without using all of the cream cheeses and other stuff that I really don't want in Kaidence's arteries. The whole reason for our Cardiology visit on Friday was to get echo's for the boys. Because we don't have any reason for Kaidence's Cardiomyopathy other than the stomach virus we got, the doctors wanted to be sure that all looked well with the boys hearts. Let me tell you, I was so afraid that something was going to be wrong with one of the boys. I feel so blessed to say that all looks well with their hearts and we will recheck them both in 5 years. What a great Christmas gift to me.

Also before I forget the "Standard Examiner" came out today for a interview and will be doing a follow up article in the paper tomorrow morning if any are interested.

We also attended our ward Christmas party with our WHOLE family. The boys did the nativity and "C" was the only 'wiseman' that was laying on his stomach half the time. "M" was very reverent and made me proud. We also had a special visitor. Let me just say that Kaidence was NOT a fan of Santa (see picture above). I have never seen my girl so upset. I have also never heard her cry so loud (ok, still not very loud compared to most kids but loud for her). Seriously though, she handles getting IV'S placed better than she handled just seeing Santa. She didn't even make it to his lap, she just started screaming the moment I started walking toward him. It was after all her first "Santa" experience. The boys loved seeing Santa. They must think Santa is pretty amazing because their lists keep changing everyday.

Also, to whomever it was that left the Baby Jesus and the beautiful cradle on our door step we thank you. What a precious gift. The kids love looking at it and all had to take turns holding the baby Jesus before going to bed. The music on the CD that you sent with it was so fitting. Thank You for thinking of us. We have it carefully placed in our home as a reminder for the Season. It has brought a beautiful spirit into our home. Thank You. What an amazing and perfect gift. We will treasure it always.


Alicia Larsen Dabney said...
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Denise said...

We're so happy you could go to the ward Christmas part as a family. It's wonderfulseeing Kaidence so happy, strong and walking around. This next week will be an emotional one for it will be a year on the 23rd since Kaidence was given the precious gift of life. Dad and I are so grateful for her life and we're so happy you can spend Christmas together as a family.

Love - Mom and Dad

Em said...

My niece that shares the birthday with Lilly HATES Santa and has about the same reaction. My SIL was joking that you tell your kids to stay away from strangers and than all of a sudden, you are handing them over to a big man with a white beard and in red, that they understandably freak. LOL, it makes me laugh. I am glad everything went well with the cardiologist. Mike went yesterday to an a cardiologist that sees adults, instead of going to Primary's, and it was funny because the staff did not know how to pronounce his heart condition. The doctor was quite interested in our congenital heart defects that our family seems plagued with. He just has to have an MRI. The doctor asked us if we were going to be okay if everything turned out fine. I laughed, because I wonder if I was a little glass half empty yesterday. Oh well. Than-you for being such an amazing friend Shauntelle. Your family means the world to us. I will never forget the tissues, the music, the hugs. I will never forget Kaidence putting her arms out to us to pick her up and just crying the tears of joy to see life come back into her.
Heart hugs,
Emily and Mike (and Ryker and Lilly too!)

carolyn q said...

WOW, to be together at the Ward Christmas Party had to be a dream come true. I was thinking back to what was going on a year ago and how my Nathan was exercising so much faith that Kaidence would be okay...and now she is at home getting to be loved and doing well this year. It’s wonderful to be a witness to a miracle.
I am interested in the calorie enhancer you are using for Kaidence. I am having issues with Nathan gaining weight. He has stayed the same weight this whole past year, but has grown 2 1/2 inches. The kid eats, but must have a high metabolism. I need to beef him up some, but don't want to give him stuff that would be bad.
How incredibly heart warming that someone left you a baby Jesus. I can only imagine the wonderful spirit that filled your home in receiving that gift.

Lacey said...

I just found your blog on hopekids, we just became a part of them. I saw you in passing last January because Jax was in the PICU and you were there for a press conference and you stopped to talk to Pam (our favorite nurse too) and she was taking care of Jax. I'm glad your doing well, Lacey and Jax

Heidi Ann said...

Kaidence is darling, actually she looks just like you! I'm not sure where I found your blog, I was blog hopping heart babies' blogs and came to yours. It's so nice to read stories of mostly healthy heart kids. I hope she stays happy and healthy and can continue to go out and enjoy Christmas!