Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Kaidence just went in for her surgery. It feels so different sitting in the waiting room this time around and knowing that we dont have to think about things like 'heart/lung bypass'. Not as much stress. I am still worried, because that is just what I do. The doctor said that she will be going to the PICU after, just as a precaution. He also said that he was afraid that he would get beaten up by the nurses if he didn't send her to the PICU. One of her PICU nurses came by to see her just as we were walking her to the OR. Kaidence was excited. I was worried that handing Miss K over to surgery wouldn't go so well. You see, Versed just doesn't cut it any longer for Kaidence and she was totally aware of everything going on around her. We walked to the doors and handed Kaidence over. She turned around and waved to us as he carried her through the doors. No tears....nothing. Mike and I looked at each other and said "I guess we weren't needed after all." In all honesty I am glad that she was happy to go with him. It made it so much easier.

My heart is overwhelmed every time I step into this hospital. We have so much to be grateful for. Sitting in the waiting room brings on so many emotions that are so close to the surface. My heart if full and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the miracles that he has blessed us with and the sweet family that gave Kaidence her gift of a heart.


Jenn said...

Love you guys. Wish we were there with you... still! Amazing how we can wish to be in such a tough place, but we loved being lifted by wonderful people like you. Always thinking of you and praying for your health.

angie said...

Hope all goes as planned. I see many oh milk shakes in miss K's near future!! Love your guts

Becca said...

I was scared when I saw your headline, but relieved when it is not a heart one. Not that there less worriesome. Hope all goes well. It was so nice to meet you guys at the heart camp. I too, have such mixed emotions when we go up there. Many miracles were witnessed up there. Hope she gets feeling better fast.