Sunday, April 5, 2009

ANOTHER CONFERENCE WEEKEND AT AN IHC FACILITY......doing conference "Stephenson Style!"

The past 3 -4 years we have started a conference tradition. It all started with my grandma (who Kaidence is named after). Years ago we noticed that whenever conference rolled around we were watching it from the surgery waiting room at LDS hospital. We did that twice with my grandma. We have also done that With Kaidence. She was admitted back into the PICU at PCMC for her long stay in between Saturday morning sessions of conference in October 2007. We have also spent a couple of conferences up there as well since being transplanted.

Spring Conference = LDS Hospital
Fall Conference = Primary Children's.

Last night was no different. Maybe the Lord thinks that we listen better when we are in a medical facility, I don't know. We spent yesterday at LDS hospital as Mike became ill and had his appendix removed. We were blessed that it did not rupture with how bad it was and how long he had been ill. We saw the Lord bless us once again not only with his appendix but on the way to the hospital we were in an intersection turning left up onto Victory Road (at the arrow) when someone raced around all the stopped cars and ran a red light on Beck Street going insanely fast. I am not sure if they were running from someone. I will just say that it should have involved three cars and with how fast the guy was going I am not sure that anyone in our car or the others would have survived. We would have been broadsided between a car and an SUV. It was a very close call, the closest I have ever had. And for Mike with an appendix ready to burst being in a accident like that would have been disastrous. They wouldn't even let him walk around to go to the bathroom because they were afraid it was going to burst before it could be removed. I am so grateful for the prayers that were offered before we left for the hospital and for the neighbors that left Priesthood last night to come and give Mike a Priesthood blessing before going to the hospital. Thank You!

So I guess this means the I will likely have 2 tickets to give away for tomorrows concert for Paul. What a bummer, I was looking forward to it but that is not the purpose for the concert and so I am happy that we were still able to contribute to Paul's Heart Fund. The concert is sold out. I have 7 other family members going tomorrow but like I said I don't think that we will be able to make it so please let me know if you want 2 tickets. Let me know how the concert is and have fun.