Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's official, my hubby GRADUATED with his degree. Its been a long journey with everything these last few years but you stuck with it and now ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of all, I am PROUD of you and I LOVE YOU!!!

* Kaidence is doing GREAT!!!!!! Holy cow, I cant keep this girl fed. She is an eating machine. I must admit that I am not use to feeding her so much. Tonight at dinner she ate more meat than anyone at the table. She LOVES meat!

I have had many people think that Kaidence must have had her surgery because her voice is noticeably louder and much clearer. It is still softer when compared to other children, but for her it's a major improvement. We feel so blessed by the fact that her vocal chords are now healed and all the concerns that we had are starting to resolve themselves because of this. What a blessing.

Kaidence just finished her swimming lessons. She loves the water and loved going everyday. She also got her first tan line despite all of my best efforts to slather her. Everyone needs some Vit D, right? Sunscreen is part of our daily routine. Due to the fact that she is on immunosuppression drugs, she is at a higher risk for cancers. Skin cancers being one of the big ones. So therefore we have been instructed by her docs to keep her covered and we do. At least she hasn't burned. It has protected her that much. People often comment on how pale she is, I just tell them that she's my little vampire. After all, vampires are 'the thing' right now.


Em said...

That is wonderful news Shauntelle!!! Congrats and what an accomplishment for everyone!!! We think about you guys all the time and are grateful to have you as our friends!

Summer said...

Congrats to Daddy! And wow swimming lessons! Real life is possible post tx!

Love Mason and Mommy

Becca said...

For some reason this whole experience and the time in the hospital has made me want to finish my degree also. Congrats to your hubby. What a HUGE accomplishment and relief for you guys to have that behind you.

Becca-Ellie's mom