Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are Fasting for Kaidence Tomorrow

I meant to blog earlier about this, but this week has been AHHHHHHHHHH! However, as of today Super Saturday is DONE!!! Thanks everyone for your help.

Tomorrow we will be having a fast for Kaidence for anyone that would like to join in. I have felt strongly that we needed to do so, but have put it off because I feel guilty asking....yet again. However, I know its power. I don't know exactly why, I just keep getting this feeling that we need to do it. So we will. We do what we can, and the Lord will do the rest according to His will.

Kaidence had her IVIG treatment on Thursday. The treatment itself went well, however this evening she seems to be having some reactions to it. I walked in the door exhausted from today, only to find a sick little Kaidence. She laid on the floor crying (NOT a typical Kaidence thing to do.) She has a terrible headache and started vomiting. Because of the recent rejection I called cardiology. They said its a reaction to the IVIG treatment, they have seen another child react the same way. The headache may become very severe very quickly so we will be giving medication for that around the clock for the next 36-48 hours regardless of symptoms. If the headache cannot be controlled and fluids or meds cannot stay down then she will need to be admitted to the hospital tonight. I am praying that we can all stay home tonight. I am wiped out!

Back to Thursday. Kaidence's heart function looked good again on the echo. However, still nothing has changed in regards to the hearts size and the leaking heart valves. Due to the fact that nothing has improved in the last month, her cardiologist is not sure that it will ever improve any further. This could cause issues down the road, but we will cross that bridge if and when we need to. Hoping that we never need to cross it.

Other than that, Kaidence is doing well. Once her "soldiers" get stronger she wants to go to primary at church and ride the TRAX train. Those are her only 2 request.

The boys seem to like school. McCaden is still full of ALL the energy in the world. He is a good help and is testing his sense of humor out on everyone. Camden turned 6 on Friday and was so excited to bring treats to his class. He is my little sweetheart. He has the cutest grin, he can never get away telling a lie because his face always gives it away with that darn grin of his. He is a great listener, usually only have to tell him once or not at all. He could talk the ear off of anything (like his mommy). Happy Birthday my sweet little man! Mommy Loves you FOREVER!

Thank you all for all of your love, prayers and understanding.


Becca said...

We will be fasting for her also!

Me said...

Never feel guilty asking for prayers and fasting. Their is power in fasting that cannot be denied.

g-ma-vicki said...

Definitely fasting. I've taken all these children in my heart as my own. Kaidence has been with us miracle after miracle. We love and care for your special
Love from Owen's gma.

Aurelie said...

My daughter (now 5) also does IVIG therapy at PCH. After her second IVIG session, she developed horrible migraines and nausea. Sometimes the treatments I'm so thankful for are so difficult. Hopefully with slower infusions she's having less adverse symptoms and she'll be able to get off IVIG soon.