Friday, June 24, 2011

Fast for Kaidence - Surgery Tuesday

(why is blogger messing with my photos tonight? SORRY. Anyhow, Kaidence in her Mermaid nightgown with the crown she was given in cardiology. Just ignore the oxygen that is not doing her any good at the moment. Also, a pic of k at a hotel with her "Mermaid Baby")

I was hoping for a longer post but I only have a couple minutes. I just wanted to get this on her blog in time for the weekend.

As you may or may not know, Kaidence is having surgery Tuesday. It's in part the surgery on her vocal chords from last time but also to look further into what they found last time they scoped her. They will see what they can do with her vocal chords. Also, they will trim away the floppy tissue in her airway. This tissue is making it so they can't even see her vocal chords when scoped. Therefore, when they get in there and remove the tissue and that's when the decision will be made as to treatment for the chords. This floppy tissue could be the cause for her trouble eating, swallowing food, choking easily and her obstructive sleep apnea at night. How awesome would that be to get rid if all those issues?

Next up, this part is bothering me a little. Kaidence has no symptoms of acid reflux but because the findings a year ago we started her on Prevacid. Her esophagus was red and swollen. Well, after a year on her reflux meds it still looks just as bad. In fact, its pretty darn bad. We are not sure why. It could be something not great and we won't even discuss that yet. Or, it may be very treatable. We shall find out. They will biopsy pieces of her esophagus and send it to pathology, just to be safe. She will come home with a ph probe down her nose for 24 hours and then we will go back for it to be removed.

We should be able to go home later that day. We have been told that she may not have a voice for 3 weeks. But hey, Ariel was without a voice for awhile. Also, she may be pretty run down. One issue could be airway swelling. This scares me a bit!

It seems to get harder and harder to hand Miss K over for surgery. Before, it was life or death. Now she is so healthy and happy. However, this needs to be done for her own safety. I am scared but Kaidence is not. In fact, tonight she is counting down the nights until she gets to go back to her "hospital bedroom". She is counting on her Little Mermaid voice.....Oh, how I hope she gets it!

Once again we come back to all of you to ask your help. Our family is holding a special fast. We are asking that if any of you will be fasting on Sunday to please remember Kaidence, the surgeons and doctors in your fast. For those that will not be fasting, please pray for them. I have complete faith in the power of prayer. Your prayers are heard! Her surgery will take place sometime on Tuesday.

Kaidence is a strong little girl and I wish I had her strength. Thank you for all the prayers and fasting over the years. They have carried us when nothing else could.

I will update again Tuesday!


Melissa said...

Prayers. I hope all goes well on Tuesday!

ang said...

We'd love to fast on Sunday! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog also. The support of other heart families is such a blessing! Best of luck this week, let us know how it goes. :)

Allison said...

Oh I do hope that this surgery brings her mermaid voice! I can't imagine her having to rest her voice for that long though. We will add our prayers that this time they will be able to get some answers and that her esophagus issues are not major!!

Summer said...

Thining about and praying for Miss K today as she goes in to surgery. Hoping for only news that is treatable and fixable!! Wow she is so so grown up now. She's adorable as always!!

Mason's Mommy

Wendy C said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers today. She is such a little doll. Love you all.