Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From One Hotel to "The Other"

Finally, my baby girl is sleeping. Kaidence has been sick for about 1 1/2 weeks. It would almost seem off and on with a constant cough. She has been napping everyday and that is so NOT Kaidence. She also has been getting some pretty severe headaches since her rejection last August. They come on so sudden and cause her to vomit. They really do a number on her.

The last couple of days her cough has gotten worse. She has slept non stop and been super grumpy. I can't recall a time that she has slept like this (without drugs inducing it). She has also been super grumpy and that is not a Kaidence thing. With the cough, she has had a hard time moving the junk up and out. She has had a couple of blues spells from this. Her heart rate has been a HUGE concern for me. 152-154 SLEEPING! That is NOT a good thing and could be a sign of that darn R word.

I have been in touch with cardiology over the last week and she has also seen her pediatrician twice. It was yesterdays appt that got the ball rolling. Kaidence looked much worse than she had the two days before. Also, she had a chest xray done at the hospital by our house. It revealed a possible pneumonia in the upper right lobe. The main concern was the fluid in her lungs most likely caused from her heart. This is where I freaked out a little...or a lot! I think I cried the whole way to the hospital. The thought of her heart being in rejection again, just broke mine.

We were admitted by cardiology so we didn't have to spend hours going through the ER. Her echo for the most part looks good. Her valve is pretty leaky and that may be contributing to the fluid in her lungs. Her xray from here showed that stuff had cleared from her lungs from the xray earlier but she still had fluid in them (if the makes any sense?) They think that she may have had a mucous plug blocking her lung and trapping the junk in and then when that plug dislodged her lungs cleared a bit. If the fluid continues, we will start her on some lasiks.

Kaidence had a good night and looked a little too good to be a sick kid at the hospital. We all know better than to think she is as good as she looks. This morning she looks pretty tired. Her coloring isn't as good as last night, she is coughing more and she does not want to eat. Also, the urine output is not so great. Last night she wanted to go walk around the hospital pushing her IV pole (ya, makes her feel cool. Like she is a big kid.) Today she walked to the potty in her room and needed to go lay down. Respiratory Therapy has started doing some treatments on her every 3 hours. So far, we are waiting on labs prograf and CBC.
It does not look like pneumonia at this moment but possibly some sort of bacterial infection that needs to be treated with a different antibiotic than those used to treat her last pneumonia and sinus infection. Kaidence does have a surgery scheduled for the end of the month to do some work on her vocal chords and her airway. Hoping that things will improve so that we can get that taken care of.

I will keep you posted. Thank You for your thoughts and prayers!


Summer said...

You are in my prayers!!!!! Give K a hug from Mason :-)

Allison said...

Oh man. I just read on your FB that she is getting a new antibiotic to try and kick a bacterial infection. I sure hope this one does the trick so you and K can get back to enjoying summer!

ang said...

Good luck you guys! We will keep Miss K in our prayers and hope you can check out of the "hotel" soon. We were inpatient last week, were you guys? I would have stopped by to visit if I'd known. Not the funnest place to see each other, but I hope it will be a short stay for Kaidence and you too! Take care, we're thinking of you. :^)

Mimi said...

Oh we just missed you!! We could have been hospital buddies. I am sorry you are there.